013 – Interview with Dr Sister Jenna

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I was thrilled to receive an invitation to be interviewed by Sister Jenna on the America Meditating Radio Show with over one million archived listeners in over ninety countries! It was a humbling experience in many ways. Sister Jenna has incredible clarity and awareness – you can hear that within her voice. I very much enjoyed our connection and the questions she asked. Here are some of the things we discussed:

  • How I got started with meditation and spiritual practice.
  • Using Stop -> Check -> Use to enable conscious digital usage of your devices e.g. phones and tablets.
  • Creating a habit to choose to be mindful.
  • Using reminders to help you remember to be mindful.
  • Was I present when I was writing “Being Present”?
  • Let’s be honest – most of the time I’m lost in my thoughts!
  • Staying mindful through nourishing activities.
  • Why your life conditions are so important in being mindful.
  • The relationship between simplicity, spaciousness and mindfulness.
  • We do not need to expect to be perfect all the time – it’s the human condition to be lost in thought – mindfulness is a ‘practice’.

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