019 – Interview – Spiritual Practice Inside & Outside of an Ashram

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Jennie Hastings is a good friend of mine. It was a pleasure to connect with her to discuss spiritual life inside and outside of an ashram environment. There are lots of tips for spiritual practice in this video and audio interview. I met Jennie at the beautiful Bahamas Sivananda Ashram.

For info, when I’m referring to Presence, I’m referring to the + in the Mindfulness+. It’s the same thing!

Here’s what we discussed…

  • What is Presence?
  • How an ashram environment can help cultivate Presence
  • The things that you might experience if you go on retreat in an ashram
  • Using yoga to help people experience Presence
  • How to transmit thoughts through a Skype call
  • How to maintain states of Presence outside of ashram environments. Some ideas
    • Regular meditation practice
    • Study of sacred texts
    • Daily yoga physical asana practice
    • Exercise
    • A well body that is relaxed and alert helps with mindfulness
    • Being part of spiritual groups
    • Spiritual friendship
    • Using Eckhart Tolle’s teachings
    • Using simple activities to practice mindfulness
    • Read my book Being Present
  • The difference between being present and lost in thought
  • Being lost in thought creates a sense of separateness including self referential stories
  • When you’re present you’re considering everything and everyone rather than operating independently and selfishly
  • The stick and the carrot
    • The stick: If you get lost in thought you’ll be harmful
    • The carrot: When you’re present/mindful you’ll be wise and kind
  • How to cultivate Presence more of the time
  • Getting yourself on retreat and immersing yourself in spiritual practice for a week or two. Guidance on this in my book Being Present
  • Spending time with people that are Present bring you into Presence
  • When we find peace within us we are better placed to help create a peaceful world
  • Jennie Hasting’s web site: www.jenniehastingsyoga.com

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