023 – The difference between happiness and peace

Is it possible to be happy all the time? No, absolutely not. Why is that? Simple…because happiness is based on conditions. You get something that you desire and you experience happiness. You move away from something that you dislike and that may make you happy…for a while. Happiness comes and goes for all sorts of reasons.

What is available permanently for those who are able to access it is “peace”. This is the plus in Mindfulness+. There are different words to describe this including love, joy, consciousness, God or Presence. True peace originates from a source that’s unconditioned. It does not need anything to happen inside or outside of you to be there. It’s always there and it’s everybody’s birthright to connect with it.

Connecting with and cultivating the connection to peace is spiritual practice.

Copyright © 2018 Darren Cockburn. All Rights Reserved


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