024 – Freedom from our experience

Our experience consists of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and things coming in through the senses. Our experience can either be pleasant or unpleasant depending upon the conditions at the time.

A real benefit of practising Mindfulness+ is that we transcend our experience. We can still have the experience, but we don’t get lost in it. If it’s pleasant (like the taste of good food for example) we can enjoy it without attaching. If it’s unpleasant (like a feeling of frustration for example) we simply observe it peacefully which means the feeling passes sooner.

Once we realise that who we are is the awareness (the plus in the Mindfulness+) and not the actual experience, we have complete freedom! Regardless of what happens to us. And the good news is that through Mindfulness+, a natural consequence is that our life experience improves on the whole. This is because what we think, say and do is wise and keeps us on the right path. We become friendly with the universe and the universe becomes friendly with us in return 🙂

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