025 – Why are we conscious and what is consciousness for?

Psychologically speaking, consciousness refers to awareness. When we’re conscious, we’re aware of our experience. Both within and outside of us. This includes bodily sensations, things coming in through the senses, feelings and thoughts. We then have mindfulness, which is consciousness plus acceptance. When we are mindful we accept what we are conscious of. Regardless of whether we find it pleasant, unpleasant, or neutral. Through accepting what we are conscious of, we align ourselves with what is.

We transcend psychological consciousness by moving towards spiritual consciousness. Beyond awareness, and beyond mindfulness. Spiritual consciousness is enabled when we are both mindful, and also allowing ourselves to connect with something transcendental. Spiritual consciousness goes beyond what we can understand scientifically. I call spiritual consciousness Mindfulness+. Mindfulness is awareness and acceptance of our experience, within the present moment. The plus is the transcendental connection or spiritual consciousness element.

It’s impossible to be spiritually conscious without mindfulness. When we’re unmindful, we are lost in our thoughts and emotions. This blocks the transcendental stream that we’re connected with, channelling through our thoughts, and influencing our communication and physical action. When we are spiritually conscious, we take the whole into account. All of our actions, whether they be thoughts, communication, or physical action, are skilful. They are based on love rather than egoic control.

We must be mindful to be spiritually conscious. We must also be spiritually receptive. This is something else that is impossible to explain or prove scientifically. Spiritual receptivity requires belief and faith in a higher power. You have to be open to there being something beyond your form-based existence and the stuff that you can explain and observe like your thoughts or your body.

Why are we conscious? As human beings, we need to be aware, in order to operate. Even if we’re unskilful, the basic functioning of a human being requires awareness. Why are we spiritually conscious? Because to varying degrees, we serve the higher power that created us. Being spiritually conscious also means that we contribute towards spiritual evolution. Again, serving the higher power whose wish it is for us to evolve.

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