028 – Interview with Prox Centauri

Read my interview with Prox Centauri on his site Inside The Rift where he asks me these questions…

  • Let’s start by learning a bit more about yourself. Where are you from and how did you initially become interested in spirituality?
  • How did investing time into understanding and practicing what you’ve learned from these teachings alter your life, values, and motivations?
  • Talk to us about your book Being Present. What compelled you to write this and what did you learn about yourself throughout the entire process?
  • It seems like contemporary western culture is deeply rooted in taking action and developing a forward-thinking “go get-em” mentality. How would you convey the importance of being present and surrendering to someone who subscribes to a philosophy of action?
  • Why does relieving (or restructuring) ourselves of superfluous possessions and tenets help us understand things about ourselves and the world that we may have missed previously? Is this truly possible or practical in a culture that tells us we should want excess?
  • The world seems to move so fast these days. How can the stillness associated meditation and breath work help to alleviate the anxieties associated with the hustle and bustle of the modern world?
  • Why do you think slowing down is so overlooked as a potential cure for some of our issues?
  • Please tell us something about yourself that influences your work that we may not know about.
  • Are there any artists, books, music, or movies/shows you’d like to recommend?
  • Would you like to share some information on any upcoming event, projects, and releases you have on the horizon?

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