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How Mindfulness+ can be used to help gain freedom and cultivate peace at times when we’re facing uncertainty or challenges in relation to health and death.

Key Points

  • What helped during a recent health issue:
    • Connection with other people.
    • Kindness to myself, from myself and from others.
    • Honoring the body through rest, sleep and good diet.
    • Mindfulness+ practice.
  • Although health issues are uncomfortable, what’s wonderful is that we can use those times to go very deep and raise our game with Mindfulness+ practice.
  • We can practice awareness and acceptance of physical pain, feelings and thoughts.
  • We may find ourselves creating stories/scenarios to work things out:
    • Observing the mind allows it to become quieter and more peaceful during these times.
  • Set our conditions up so that we can be even more mindful than you are normally:
    • Take good care of our bodies.
    • Create more space for ourselves.
    • Be kind to ourselves
    • Spend time with good friends/family members
    • This allows us to be more peaceful.
  • Taking the role of the observer as our experience rather than getting lost in it helps:
    • It’s as though you’re watching your experience on the TV rather than getting lost in the TV programme.
    • I’m feeling this, I’m feeling that, I’m having these thoughts, I’m having these bodily sensations etc.
    • And sharing this with friends can help you detach from the experience.
  • It can help to meditate in order to observe the thoughts/stories/feelings/bodily sensations.
    • Practice watching, accepting, letting things pass.
    • Allows us to gain freedom from the experience.
    • It may also be possible to establish a transcendental connection during this time, which is a beautiful experience.
  • When we’re experiencing the + in the Mindfulness+, we know who we are will still be around even when the body passes away.
  • Sometimes, you can enter the most beautiful, peaceful realms during the darkest of times.
  • The transcendental connection may also transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts. And transform unpleasant feelings into peacefulness.
  • This demonstrates the power of the Mindfulness+ practice. It shows us the freedom that we have even when we’re facing serious illness or death.
  • Who we truly are never dies.
  • Who we truly are is not dependent upon our bodies.
  • Reference book: Living a Life of Harmony – 7 Guidelines to Cultivate Peace & Kindness.
  • That said, we must still honor our body. Bodies are sacred because who we are has created them. We have a responsibility to honor our bodies.
  • Spiritual practice is about looking after the form e.g. the body, whilst also appreciating who we really are is beyond that. And we’ll still be around spiritually when it passes.
  • With this in mind, we know that when loved ones die – they are still with us. Their consciousness or Presence, which is the same as our consciousness or Presence is still here.
  • In general, we go through life being connected to the +, whilst honoring, enjoying and caring for the form that’s created out of the consciousness.

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