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stacked booksThis 10-day course provides training on the 7 guidelines for living a life of harmony – cultivating a peaceful mind and kindness. The guidelines are based on existing teachings from Buddhism, Yoga and my own insights – integrated and updated for the modern world.

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We’re all part of one big universal process that encompasses and connects everything – every thought, emotion, action, nature, all there is. Over the centuries, religions and philosophies have provided direction on how to act ethically and in accordance with this process, yet in our modern world, some of these “rules” may seem outdated or too rigid.

The 7 guidelines for living a life of harmony and balance are:

  1. Honor the body
  2. Be present, bringing awareness and acceptance into every moment
  3. Act with kindness, considering everyone and everything
  4. Understand the truth, communicating it selectively and skilfully
  5. Do only what needs to be done
  6. Harmoniously obtain and retain only what you need
  7. Apply The Guidelines to your digital device usage


I’ll explain how to implement the guidelines in daily life on a practical basis, supported by real-life examples and practices. The course illustrates how and why each of these guidelines hold value, and how they provide a set of tools to help us deal with life’s ups and downs – skilfully, mindfully, and compassionately.

In our very busy world it’s easy to get lost in the details and demands of everyday living. Fatigued and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information, the myriad of choices our technologically advanced communication era offers, we lose sight of what life is all about. How do we find balance and harmony in this overloaded world? And how do we navigate life in tune with our soul as well as with modern society?

This course explores how the 7 guidelines help us gain a deeper understanding of the universal process of life, as well as providing a set of tools. They enable us to face life empowered and confident, peacefully observe and accept what life presents us with, cultivate compassion and kindness, as well as spread mindfulness to those around us. Practiced together, these guidelines provide a simple yet powerful compass to guide you to a peaceful mind and harmonious living, much needed in today’s world.

Day 1 – Overview and making the most of your course

In this session I’ll provide a little background on my personal journey and explain how the 7 guidelines came about. The universal process we’re all a part of will be introduced; along with the guidelines that enable harmonious living within it. I’ll describe how you can best use this course and other resources to ensure that you get the most out of our time together over the ten days and beyond.

Day 2 – The Process

We’re all part of one big universal process that encompasses and connects everything – every thought, emotion, action, nature, all there is. I’ll be explaining many characteristics of this process. This will help deepen your existing understanding, leading to you becoming more accepting of what’s presented to you. It’s good to understand a little about this universal process before learning about the guidelines, which help you navigate it.

Day 3 – Guideline 1 – Honor The Body

Honoring the body is the first guideline for good reason. Caring for your body and meeting its needs is essential to provide a stable platform to follow the rest of the guidelines. You don’t need to be healthy to follow the guidelines. In fact, you can do extremely well even if the body is sick or unwell. You do however, need to do what you can to honor the body, care for it, and make this a priority. This provides you with a stronger psychological platform to deal with the challenges that life presents you with. I’ll be providing lots of tips and pointers to help you determine what you might need to change in this area.

Day 4 – Guideline 2 – Be Present, Bringing Awareness And Acceptance Into Every Moment

This guideline introduces mindfulness. I’ll explain why it’s so important to be aware of your experience. And why it’s equally important to bring acceptance to what you experience. Following this guideline whilst being open to the spiritual dimension will enable you to act skillfully with wisdom and compassion – consistently. You’ll learn how to create your own mindfulness practice and gain access to some of the best resources.

Day 5 – Guideline 3 – Act With Kindness, Considering Everyone And Everything

The process I mentioned earlier responds kindly to kindness! Kindness to yourself, others and all of nature – including things that you may not even believe are ‘alive’. We’ll explore what kindness actually means and how you can cultivate more of it. What’s wonderful about this guideline is that when you follow it, you find the universe naturally becomes kinder to you in return.

Day 6 – Guideline 4 – Understand The Truth, Communicating It Selectively And Skilfully

Understanding the truth about ourselves, others or situations allows us to be at peace. When we’re deluded, we cause problems for ourselves and others. Have you ever had times when you’ve created stories in your mind without even realizing it? It’s stressful! On day 6, I’ll explain how you can understand the truth. I’ll also explain how you can accept uncertainty and be at peace with not knowing about things. The subject of communication will also be covered and the importance of being selective and skilful about what we communicate leading ourselves and others to states of peace and kindness.

Day 7 – Guideline 5 – Do Only What Needs To Be Done

Life becomes more harmonious and easier when we only do what’s really needed and let go of doing the stuff that isn’t required. On day 7, I’ll be guiding you to take an inventory of all your various activities and introducing a way that you can prioritize them and discard what’s not needed. The result – a more spacious life. Through practicing the guidelines, your activities will be more enjoyable and imbued with quality.

Day 8 – Guideline 6 – Harmoniously Obtain And Retain Only What You Need

On Day 8, we’ll be exploring why life is more harmonious and peaceful when you only have the things that you really need and let go of what’s unnecessary. For many of us, less is more. There’s a technique that I’ll guide you through that allows you to take an inventory of all your belongings and prioritize how and when you’re going to let go of what’s not required. I’ll also explain how you can continue with this as an ongoing practice, enjoying more space and lightness in the future.

Day 9 – Guideline 7 – Apply The Guidelines To Your Digital Device Usage

When you use digital devices (e.g. phones, laptops, smart watches, tablets etc) consciously, you’ll be at peace with them, and enjoy their benefits. You’ll also use them skilfully, with kindness, interacting harmoniously with the world whilst caring for yourself. I’ll explain how you can integrate the other guidelines into your digital usage and offer some simple tools to transform your digital interactions.

Day 10 – Structuring your practice

Finally, on day 10, I’ll close by making some suggestions on how you can structure an ongoing practice through integrating the 7 guidelines into your life situation. I’ll be explaining how to implement these guidelines practically on an ongoing basis. And also introduce a range of additional resources (many of them are free) that you can draw upon to guide you in this rewarding life long journey.

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