037 – Living a Life of Harmony – Audio Course – Day 2 – The Process

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stacked booksThis 10-day course provides training on the 7 guidelines for living a life of harmony – cultivating a peaceful mind and kindness. The guidelines are based on existing teachings from Buddhism, Yoga and my own insights – integrated and updated for the modern world.

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  • The Process is everything that exists. Everything that you are and external to you. The whole world, the whole universe.
  • It’s infinite – no beginning or end.
  • The Process is conditioned. Something happens because something else happened. An example of this is when you boil water with a kettle.
  • You’re a small process within the larger Process.
  • You’re constantly changing. I heard every seven years, every atom in your body changes.
  • You’re impacted by other things, people and situations. And you impact other things, people and situations.
  • We’re all connected. Many human beings believe they’re separate. This is deluded and causes stress.
  • It’s important to understand The Process. If you can see it for what it is, it’s easier to operate within it. You live more harmoniously and get into the flow of life. It means that psychologically you’re more peaceful.
  • When you understand The Process and are in harmony with it, you follow The Guidelines.
  • Who owns this infinite process? What’s going on? What are you a part of?
  • If you believe in God, you could say that the owner of The Process is God. And The Process is God’s manifestation or creation.
  • We can’t prove this. It could be that The Process is part of some simulation – like a computer simulation.
  • When we sleep at night and dream, quite often we don’t even know we’re dreaming. We create this perfect virtual reality experience. If one human brain can create that experience, how can we be sure there isn’t some bigger brain or computer creating the waking experience.
  • We don’t know. And it doesn’t matter too much. What matters is that The Process is acknowledged and people understand they are a part of it – and it’s impermanent and changing.
  • It’s important that human beings understand how to operate harmoniously within The Process. We understand that The Guidelines are the rules of the game for The Process.
  • If you follow The Guidelines, The Process will reward you for that. It could be a peaceful mind, something external, or both.
  • If you don’t follow The Guidelines, The Process will apply a correction. This will come in the form of psychological stress or manifest externally.
  • The Process has intelligence within it so that it can reward and correct.
  • If The Process was a computer game, The Guidelines become the rules of the game. If you follow The Guidelines you score points, if you don’t, points gets deducted – another way of viewing it. The points are equivalent to the concept of karma.
  • The Process operates at different levels of granularity.
  • At a high level you may observe objects like the body, a chair, a tree, a crumb on the floor – and realise that these are parts of The Process. This is looking at it conceptually to function or operate.
  • You can look at The Process at a more granular level – like at an atomic level.
  • People sometimes think that the big conceptual parts of The Process are directing it. However, it’s the more subtle elements that are directing The Process.
  • Even if you go into a more granular level within atoms you will still find parts of The Process. There’s no end to it – it’s infinite. Humans are not capable of understanding all of it.
  • Humans like to believe that they are making choices, but in reality they are not. It’s all part of The Process. There is intelligence behind everything that is guiding what’s happening in your life.
  • Exercise: Observe an object e.g. a plant, a mobile phone or a cloud, and consider the process that created it. Think about where it came from and all the different things that happened to create the object in its current form. Doing this will help you understand The Process. You can also do this to yourself. Ask yourself how you came to be the human being that you are today.

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