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I recently purchased a copy of the new book ‘Spiritual Science’. I’d previously read one of Steve Taylor’s earlier books titled ‘The Leap’, which helped me (and many others) to frame some of my own spiritual experiences.

I’ve always known that there’s more than what we can evidence with conventional science. A subtler intelligence or force that lies beyond the atom. It’s what I call the spiritual dimension. Or the plus in Mindfulness+. Like many others, I’ve referenced this in my writing and teachings without necessarily backing it up with evidence and proof.

Spiritual Science provides a comprehensive portfolio of evidence that supports the existence of this dimension. For example, near-death experiences, psychic phenomena and how the mind changes the brain and body. At times, I was both positively shocked by what Steve presented, whilst feeling that my beliefs were being reaffirmed. The book describes a ‘panspiritist’ view of reality – arguing that spirit-force pervades everything.

When you examine the bibliography, you’ll see quite how much work has gone into researching and linking out to other materials. This really adds to the credibility of the book and reassured me that what was presented had been thoroughly investigated and challenged. This is a great book that you can use as an overall reference guide for spiritual experiences and then follow up with references in the bibliography should you wish to explore a particular area further.

It took me a while to read this book. It was partly to give time to integrate Steve’s findings, and also to cherish the reading experience. Reading Steve’s work always takes me into a state of mindfulness and presence. It’s enjoyable! His style is very accessible, interesting and engaging.

As well as opening my mind up in so many ways, this book also contained many useful practical pointers. Spiritual and psychological truths that you can integrate and benefit from right away.

In summary, this is a ground-breaking book, which I believe will contribute greatly towards helping folk see beyond conventional science. It will help more people realize that spirit, consciousness, presence, whatever you might like to call it, is indeed real!

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