039 – Introduction to Acceptance

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Acceptance is a key part of  mindfulness practice. This talk was originally broadcast on Facebook Live (video link here) explains what acceptance is and how to cultivate more of it.

  • “Mindfulness is awareness and acceptance of bodily sensations, form entering the senses, feelings and thoughts; within the present moment”

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  • Resistance
    • “It shouldn’t be like this now”
    • “The universe is wrong”
    • “She shouldn’t have done this to me”
    • Denial of our experience in the present moment
    • Fighting the universe is tiring!
    • Unpleasant / Illness
  •  Acceptance
    • “It is as it is”
    • “I accept this is how it is”
    • “It’s happened – let’s move on”
    • Acceptance of the present moment
    • Peaceful mind
    • Positive feedback from the body
  • How to cultivate acceptance?
    • Practise awareness – this is also acceptance!
    • Real acceptance is only possible in the present moment
    • Being aware now is accepting now
    • If you’re lost in thought, you’re resisting now
    • Saying yes to what is – now
    • We can even accept resistance!
    • Can practice within meditation
    • Sometimes, may be helpful to think situations through to help with acceptance. Or talk with a friend or therapist.
    • The more we accept our present moment experience the less we need to accept situations through thinking
  • Awareness with harmonious living leads to acceptance. Living a Life of Harmony – 7 Guidelines for Cultivating Peace and Kindness


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  1. Found this helpful live and listening to it again has helped further in understanding acceptance. Thank you

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