041 – How Mindfulness Helps You Heal

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  • Most of us carry emotional pain from the past.
  • We all have the potential to create more emotional pain in the future.
  • If that pain isn’t released, it stays within us, building and building – we get egoically heavier and heavier – we carry it around with us and it constrains us.
  • We need to be finding ways of releasing and reducing the emotional pain from the past and not creating more in the future.
  • Eckhart Tolle frames this really well in his book The Power of Now.
  • I run Eckhart Tolle Groups via Skype and in Bournemouth UK.
  • Eckhart refers to the emotional painbody – the emotional pain we’ve accumulated from the past.
  • Various conditions can trigger pain.
  • If we don’t accept a feeling e.g. jealousy by doing something unskilful or dodging it in some way, the feeling gets lodged in the body.
  • Then later, this creates a button or hot spot within us that can be pressed by certain conditions.
  • These feelings can then pop back up again later.
  • Mindfulness practice allows us to bring awareness to the feelings, accept them, then let them pass.
  • If we’re aware of a feeling, that means we’re automatically accepting it – by holding it in our awareness, it’s saying it’s OK for it to be there.
  • When we accept feelings, they pass, and they don’t cause us problems later.
  • In this example, we may still experience jealousy again, but it will not be triggered by old pain.
  • Mindfulness practice gives these feelings and emotions space – they want your attention. When you give them attention, they do what they need to do and they pass.
  • Research shows that when you bring awareness to emotions they’ll usually pass within a couple of minutes.
  • This gives you confidence that you can hold feelings that may arise in the future.
  • Old emotional pain can arise – sometimes at times when we’re least expecting it.
  • This is pain within us that needs to be processed.
  • When we bring awareness to the pain with mindfulness, we reduce it – it’s a form of self-healing.
  • The job of a good healer is to create a space for somebody to do this.
  • Occasionally, it may not be possible for us to bring awareness and acceptance to the emotions.
  • In these cases, we may tactically need to suppress the feelings. And allow ourselves to come back to them later. This method should only be used when really needed as a tactic.
  • We’ll only be mindful of feelings that we’re capable of being mindful of.
  • If the feelings are too difficult for us to be aware of then the mind will regulate them or distract itself.
  • Ideally, we may sit with feelings when we have some space. Some solitude or practice with a friend – being present together.
  • If this is a new practice for you, just do a little to begin with. Get used to the process and allow your confidence to build in healing.
  • Spiritually speaking, healing helps. The emotional pain is a part of our ego.
  • The more healing we can do, the smaller our ego will be and the more evolved we become spiritually.
  • Healing is an important part of spiritual practice.

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2 Comments on “041 – How Mindfulness Helps You Heal

  1. Found this really helpful in explaining emotional pain ans how to diminish it and heal. Thanks. The recording was good and clear.

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  2. Found this podcast interesting and it ties in well with The Eckhart Tolle teachings .
    Hope to find some healing of emotional pain in the future ,through being mindful .

    Liked by 1 person

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