042 – Three Approaches for Cultivating Mindfulness+

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3 Ways to Cultivate Mindfulness

  • Transform your practice by learning about the 3 Approaches to Cultivating Mindfulness+ in this short podcast.
  • Included in books Being Present & Living a Life of Harmony
  • Structured Practice
    • You do something with the intention to cultivate Mindfulness+
    • Some examples
      • Meditation
      • Yoga
      • Study
      • Listening to talks
      • Attend a mindfulness, meditation or spiritual retreat
      • Spiritual rituals
      • Chanting
  • Everyday Activities
    • Washing the pots
    • Going to the toilet
    • Taking a walk
    • Emotionally challenging activities
    • Using your phone
  • Life Conditions
    • May use guidance within existing religions and philosophies
    • E.g. lists of commandments or precepts
    • 7 guidelines are available in book Living a Life of Harmony – 7 Guidelines to Cultivate Peace & Kindness
    • May include making changes to your environment, work, friendships, personal relationship etc.
    • Coaching available here if you’d like 121 help with this
    • It’s largely common sense and your intuition often tells you what needs to change
    • Changing the things that cause the majority of the suffering
  • Sometimes a good dose of suffering or emotional pain may also increase your mindfulness levels
    • However, this is a more painful approach. It’s more comfortable following the three approaches above
  • Good to actively cultivate mindfulness by taking responsibility and making changes

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  1. Found this helpful especially with examples given of everyday things to cultivate mindfulness. Thanks.

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