045 – Loving Kindness Meditation

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A podcast introducing loving kindness practice with a 15-minute guided meditation

  • The loving kindness guided meditation starts at 4 minutes from the beginning of the podcast or MP3
  • Mindfulness and kindness go together hand-in-hand
  • In order to be kind, considerate, friendly and generous we need to be aware and accepting of our own inner experience, and the experience of our environments
  • Also considerate of what’s going on beyond our immediate environments
  • Act with kindness, considering everyone and everything – is one the 7 Guidelines to Cultivate Peace & Kindness from the book Living a Life of Harmony
  • If you already have a regular mindfulness meditation practice e.g. like a breathing meditation, you may want to try practicing kindness meditation every other time you meditate or on a weekly basis
  • In my experience, and that of others I know, loving kindness meditation works really well
  • It programs your mind (like self-hypnosis) so that you’re automatically and spontaneously more kind to yourself and other people
  • You can’t really plan to be truly kind, but you can plan to cultivate kindness, so it flows from you spontaneously and integrates into your behaviours and approach
  • Most people are kind sometimes and not at other times
  • We’re all “works in progress” and we need to work on cultivating kindness in the same way that we need to work on cultivating mindfulness and concentration

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