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It was a delight to interview Gary Hill. Now here’s a man who’s transforming his life through mindfulness. It’s inspiring how much progress he’s made in the short space of a few months. And I feel honoured and grateful to be a part of his journey. I hope you enjoy listening to our discussion!

Here are some of the learnings from the interview…

  • Often the seeds of mindfulness/spiritual practice are planted years before practice begins in earnest….like with Gary’s present “The Power of Now” book from Eckhart Tolle.
  • Show up to training sessions even if you don’t feel like it! You’re also contributing to the learning of other group members. And you’re rewarded afterwards with feelings of gratitude and commitment to spiritual community.
  • Mindfulness and spiritual groups often feel like families due to the deep bonds we create with each other.
  • Mindfulness practice changes your experience of life, and also triggers positive changes in your life situation.
  • Mindfulness practice transforms negative/unskilful reactions to challenges. Instead, it positions us to respond positively and skilfully. Gary provides an example in his work situation with challenging clients.
  • Mindfulness often converts blame and conflict into kindness and connectedness.
  • Gary’s energy is much better throughout and after his work. He now comes out of his work energised rather than drained. And his clients benefit from that too!
  • We experience much more joy and enjoyment of simple things in life through being more aware and present. Gary shares how he experienced this for the first time when he was visiting a park in London.
  • Meditation and mindfulness practice will often provide you with the energy and concentration to execute activities efficiently.
  • Gary’s integrated lots of resources and tools into his practice including digital resources like this.

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One Comment on “049 – Transformation through Mindfulness – with Gary Hill

  1. What a lovely Podcast. This is a really good demonstration of the benefits of Mindfulness. This serves me as a great incentive to remain committed to Mindfulness practices, as its easy to forget how beneficial and important they are when I allow the dramas of life hi-jack my thinking mind . The interaction and connection between the two of you felt tangible and was heart warming to see and that’s the magic of Mindfulness of course!

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