050 – The 3 Foundations of Spiritual Practice

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3 Foundations

  • Spiritual Practice is actively cultivating our connection to the spiritual dimension – what we can do to become more “spiritual”.
  • I also describe this spiritual dimension as the plus in the Mindfulness+.
  • People refer to this dimension with many labels like higher consciousness, spirit, Presence or God.
  • The three foundations for spiritual practice are: Life Conditions, Mindfulness and Faith.
  • All three foundations are required to cultivate our spirituality.
  • Life Conditions – how you’ve got your life configured. For example…
    • What activities you get involved in
    • Fulfilling your obligations
    • What you own
    • Where you go
    • Relationships
    • Who you spend time with
    • The work you do
    • How you use your digital devices
    • Behaviours
    • Following the 7 Guidelines
  • Mindfulness – Bringing awareness and acceptance to bodily sensations, things coming in through the senses, feelings and thoughts in the present moment.
  • Faith – Being open to, curious about, and believing that there’s a transcendental element to our existence that directs our spiritual evolution.
  • Faith may be cultivated quickly – often through some shock, loss or pain. It can also be cultivated more gradually over a number of years or decades.
  • All three foundations link together and influence each other – either positively or negatively.
  • It can be helpful to review your practice through the lens of all three foundations. And from there, decide upon the next step on your spiritual journey.

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