051 – Mindfulness Workshop for Yoga Teachers – Part 1

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This podcast is an extract from a workshop I delivered for a group of British Wheel of Yoga teachers. I was helping them explore mindfulness and meditation. This is the first of a number of podcasts from that workshop.

It introduces the universal process (The Process) which we are all a part of. And 7 guidelines that when followed will cultivate peace and kindness. The teachings are from my new book “Living a Life of Harmony”. Here are the key points…

  • We’re part of a universal infinite process
  • Everything’s interconnected and things happen for a reason – cause and effect
  • All the small processes fit together to make one big universal process – “The Process”
  • Us humans are also processes
  • We’re not fixed – every seven years, every atom in your body changes
  • We often believe that life consists of “me” and then everybody and everything else around us – with “me” being at the centre
  • We’re all connected together and part of one process
  • The things that we say, think or do, all have an impact and go somewhere
  • The infinite process isn’t just about the world, it’s also about other planets and solar systems
  • The Process has no beginning or end
  • Behind The Process is intelligence
  • The Process appears to be chaotic sometimes. Especially when difficult things happen that we can’t reconcile – but everything happens for a reason
  • The intelligence behind The Process provides guidance for humans
  • Certain things work for humans e.g. being kind, truthful, generous etc. And doing the opposite e.g. harm, lying, stealing etc. doesn’t work
  • If we do the right things we find we’re psychologically at peace
  • If we do the wrong things then this causes stress for ourselves and others
  • It’s like there’s rules of the game of life
  • Different religions and philosophies have their own versions of these rules. E.g. Christians use the ten commandments, Buddhists have precepts, yoga has the yamas, and there are the Ten Commandments of the Quran
  • Following these guidelines doesn’t guarantee that we achieve goals or live until a certain age, but it does guarantee that we can have a peaceful mind
  • Not following these guidelines causes stress in the body and mind. This is the universe or The Process’ way of providing feedback
  • Darren Cockburn created a list of guidelines that were straightforward and clear that synthesise lists from different religions and philosophies


  • 1 – Honor the body
    • Looking after the body
    • Keeping it in good condition if we can
    • Having a positive relationship with the body
    • Prioritising the body
    • It’s the universe’s vehicle for us to use
    • Easier to follow the other guidelines if the body is well and you have a good relationship with it
  • 2 – Be present, bringing awareness and acceptance into every moment
    • Being mindful
  • 3 – Act with kindness, considering everyone and everything
  • 4 – Understand the truth, communicating it selectively and skilfully
    • We cannot understand the truth about everything
    • Sometimes the truth is acknowledging we don’t know
  • 5 – Do only what needs to be done
    • Just do the things we need to do – the things that are important
    • Don’t do what’s unnecessary
    • Many people do stuff they don’t need to and then complain they’re too busy!
  • 6 – Harmoniously obtain and retain only what you need
    • Making sure you get the things in life you do need e.g. material things, relationships or knowledge
  • 7 – Apply The Guidelines to your digital device usage
    • Mobile phones, laptop, tablets, TV, smart watches etc.
    • You take the top six guidelines and then apply those to your digital device usage
  • Life becomes simpler and happier when you follow the guidelines – and life becomes more peaceful

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