053 – Mindfulness Workshop for Yoga Teachers – Part 3

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This podcast is the third audio extract from a mindfulness and meditation workshop I delivered for a group of British Wheel of Yoga teachers in March 2019.

Here are the highlights of what’s covered:

  • The definition of Yoga as being in union with the divine, spirit or God.
  • How being lost in thought separates us from this connection and union. And how mindfulness enables the union.
  • We can only achieve Yoga when we’re mindful.
  • This union is available at any time. The challenge is being able to maintain it.
  • Enlightenment or awakening means that the state of Yoga or connection with spirit is there permanently – you never get lost in thought.
  • In the meantime, we’re mindful sometimes and lost in thought at other times. This can happen many times during the day.
  • At any point in time, we’re lost in thought or present.
  • If we’re mindful and spiritually open or receptive, we can allow the transcendental love and wisdom to flow through us.
  • Three levels of mindfulness
    • Level 0 – Being lost in thought
    • Level 1 – Mindfulness
    • Level 2 – Mindfulness+ . Mindfulness with openness to spirit – allowing spirit to flow through you.
    • We are always in one of these three states – and this goes for Yoga students too.
  • Keeping some awareness on the breath (even just 10%) – keeps us mindful.
  • We can be mindfully busy although it can be more challenging.
  • If we lose our connection with mindfulness we can slow down as a tactic.
  • Benefits of mindfulness
    • Improved concentration and memory
    • More positive
    • Reduces stress and anxiety
    • Quieter mind
    • More acceptance of yourself, others and situations
    • Helps relieve stress and depression
    • Improves sleep quality
    • Increase in resilience to health issues
    • Enables kindness
    • Useful for pain management
    • Enhances happiness and wellbeing
    • Can enjoy pleasure more when you’re mindful
    • Creativity
    • Problem solving
    • Creates better relationships
    • Better listening
    • Self control
    • Access to the spiritual dimension
  • Mindfulness+ or yoga is about bringing together the form with the formless. To work with our experience and what’s external to us. Enjoying all of that and meeting our obligations, whilst integrating the spiritual dimension.

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