056 – How to Determine the Truth

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Use this podcast to help you understand the truth in all situations and enjoy a more peaceful mind. Life’s stressful when we’re deluded! Here are the highlights…

  • “Understanding the Truth – Communicating it Skilfully & Selectively” is one of the 7 Guidelines from the book “Living a Life of Harmony – 7 Guidelines for Cultivating Peace & Kindness“.
  • Determining the truth is important because when we’re aligned with the truth we are in tune with how things are and can be psychologically at peace. The truth -> Peaceful Mind.
  • When we’re deluded it causes psychological stress. We end up becoming lost in thought, lose our mindfulness and become unskilful.  Delusion -> Stressed Mind.
  • Determining the truth is also about being comfortable with not knowing.
  • We can observe our minds and coach ourselves to ensure that we have the right view and understand the truth of what’s going on.
  • This helps us to stay mindful. Being mindful helps us to understand the truth.
  • A simple technique that can be used to determine the truth from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
    • Method 1 – Direct Perception – You know that something is true because you directly perceive it. It’s based on acknowledging facts. E.g. you feel wind on your face so you know it’s windy.
    • Method 2 – Inference – Using evidence and reasoning to confirm the truth. They must be simple and straightforward to understand. E.g. there are puddles outside everywhere, so we can infer that it’s been raining.
    • Method 3 – Using a Trusted Source – Believing in information provided by somebody or something that you trust. E.g. a cyclist specialist you trust tells you that you need a new chain, so you know that’s the truth.
  • It’s only when one of these methods apply can we say we’ve determined the truth.
  • It’s often worth waiting a little while for more evidence to be presented to you before believing something.

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