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Being Present Mindfulness


Richard Anderson is an all-round great guy, an awakening coach, spiritual author and blogger. I spent a day with him and his lovely family in Devon, UK. He interviewed me about my first book Being Present.

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Key Topics

  • Two modes of the mind
  • How the book came about
  • Influences of Eckhart Tolle 
  • The history of being
  • Integration of different teachings
  • How religions and philosophies have different emphasis’ and strengths
  • Using spiritual practice to achieve a peaceful mind
  • Different ways to cultivate a peaceful mind
  • Planned and spontaneous practice
  • Is everybody awakened?
  • Is comparing people spiritually delusional?
  • Is Presence there all the time?
  • Do we share our essence of Presence?
  • Who is the book Being Present for?
  • Why do you need spiritual practice when you’re awake anyway?
  • Do you degrade spiritually without practice?
  • How is spiritual practice similar to exercise?
  • How is suffering used to help us evolve?
  • Is it OK to be fearful of pain and suffering?
  • What happens when we coast spiritually?
  • What are the 7 guidelines to cultivate peace and kindness?

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