063 – Angels & Demons – An Interview with David Cole

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I had a great discussion with David Cole about spirituality, meditation, mindfulness, sexual climax, supernatural created beings, angels, demons, and sticking spoons up people’s noses!

David is an international Spiritual Teacher and Retreat Leader. He frequently lectures in Christian & Bible Colleges; has appeared in television documentaries; and is an award winning author of books on Christian meditation and Celtic Christianity.

He is ‘Deputy Guardian’ for The Community of Aidan and Hilda – a globally dispersed Celtic New Monastic Community; and is founder of Waymark Ministries which runs workshops, retreats, and online courses.

He’s been a full time Church Minister and Teaching Pastor in different churches and is qualified in ‘Spiritual Care’ (holistic care and pastoral counselling); and holds a Masters’ degree in ‘Christian Spirituality’ from Sarum College.”

Here’s are some of the highlights from our discussion…

  • Why it’s a great thing to meditate first thing in the morning.
  • Using meditation to realign yourself for the day.
  • Using guided meditation as a prop when you’re starting out.
  • What angels and demons have got to do with meditation. And do they sit on our shoulders?
  • Attachment to sexual climaxes.
  • What are supernatural created beings?
  • The story of the woman who paid to sabotage David’s retreat!
  • How meditation is interwoven into the Judaic Christian faith.
  • Where meditation is mentioned in the bible.
  • The importance of spending time in quiet meditation.
  • The importance of nature within spiritual practice.
  • Why we need to retreat and meditate.
  • The difference between prayer and meditation and how they integrate.
  • Why prayer may be wordless or silent and engaging in that silence.
  • I’ve heard that some Christians are concerned about meditation – and that it allows demons to enter your consciousness. Is this an unhelpful myth? 
  • How mediation connects you to the divine presence, which is the last place a demon will enter your consciousness.
  • Use of meditation apps like Insight Timer.
  • How the amount of stimulus you receive can impact mindfulness.
  • Taking mini retreats when with people.
  • What is religion?
  • When religion cause problems.
  • Why gathering together with other like minded spiritual people is an essential part of spiritual practice.
  • Why we shouldn’t attach to higher states of consciousness.
  • If I had the opportunity to interview Jesus today about mindfulness and meditation, what do you think his views would be?
  • Integrating Christianity and meditation.

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