064 – Bike Rides & Cold Showers!

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I visited the Isle of Wight and enjoyed a bike ride with Gary Hill, my friend and fellow mindfulness practitioner. So much happened within the space of 24 hours that helped with our mindfulness practice! Here are the highlights from our reflections…

  • How new environments and activities increase our mindfulness levels
  • Intensifying mindfulness and presence to deal with difficult people
  • Turning up the mindfulness gauge to diffuse situations
  • When and how we should confront people who behave unskilfully
  • Why it can be helpful to skilfully bring the unskillfulness of others to their attention
  • How alcohol can take you outside of the present moment and cause regression
  • Letting go of old digital content that may hinder mindfulness
  • Identifying digital triggers for becoming lost in thought
  • The benefits of cold showers
    • Wakes you up
    • Practise relaxing under difficult circumstances
    • Raises body awareness
    • Up-regulates your immune system
    • It may help reduce body fat
    • Increases your metabolic rate
    • Consider consulting with the doctor first
  • Introducing breath and body awareness into exercise helps keep you present
  • The danger of becoming lost in thought during exercise
  • It’s amazing what the body is capable of
  • How physical challenges help us feel more confident and empowered
  • Staying in the present moment rather than fantasising about the future
  • How situations that cause fear increase concentration and being present
  • The importance of regular breaks to relax the body and mind
  • How new activities and environments change our perception of time
  • Stepping outside of your comfort zone brings about new qualities
  • Changing your home environment and digital environment freshens up your experience and helps you to stay mindful

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