066 – Social Media Addiction & Confessions

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An enlightening discussion on social media addiction – with mindfulness expert and spiritual teacher/author Darren Cockburn and Renee Jayne – creator of ‘Love Yourself Naked’ and ‘My Nutrition 360’.

Darren and Renee reveal personal experiences, openly confess and share their social media addiction challenges, and offer useful tips for a more positive relationship with social media and digital devices.

Here are some of the highlights…

  • The biggest addiction we face is our addiction to thought.
  • Guideline 7 – Conscious Digital Usage
  • Many phone apps are designed to be addictive.
  • It may be helpful to review “screen time” (if your phone has that function) and check your phone usage including social media usage.
  • We’re either aware or lost in thought when we’re using our mobile devices – this is The Two Modes of the Mind.
  • Sometimes we may use food to feel better – and we can do the same with social media.
  • Awareness is always the starting point for dealing with social media addiction.
  • We’re often seeking connection through our addictions.
  • We may follow addictive patterns because we’re avoiding being present with ourself.
  • We only compare ourselves neurotically with others on social media when we’re lost in thought – we don’t do this when we’re conscious
  • Compare and despair!
  • Social medial addiction may have a big impact on depression and anxiety levels.
  • How the ego reacts to social media responses.
  • We use addictions to escape from unresolved emotional pain.
  • The only way you can release addictions is to heal the emotional pain that’s manifesting them.
  • We may use digital devices to create trauma if we experienced trauma earlier in life and have not psychologically resolved it.
  • It can help to reconfigure notifications on our devices so we’re only receiving just what we need – or consider turning them off altogether.
  • Consider using airplane mode.
  • 60-60-30 time management productivity technique.
  • Consider starting our day free of digital / social media.
  • Get our mind into a good positive state before using social media.

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4 Comments on “066 – Social Media Addiction & Confessions

  1. Really interesting discussion and brilliant tips from Renee Jayne! You both get a like 👍🏼👍🏼 😊

  2. A delightful exchange between two brightly shining souls. The sharing of your experiences and helpful tips were a joy to receive. I’m looking forward to applying more awareness when using my digital devices and to resting in “Airplane Mode” more frequently. I really enjoyed this podcast. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you so much for your feedback Louise. I’ve been much more aware myself around digital since recording this interview! I’m even aware no as I type lol 🙂

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