067 – Climate Change & Veganism – With Mahesh Hayward

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It’s wonderful to have my friend Mahesh Hayward on the podcast. Mahesh has been a spiritual seeker all his life, as far back as he can remember. Lying in bed as a small child he used to wonder where the stars stopped. And thinking about where we go when we die. 

Now in his mid 40’s and with an established Yoga practice, Mahesh enjoys transforming and enriching the life of others with his yoga teaching. His upbeat and humorous approach to life has lead him to work with CID, teachers, children and even animals. Bringing a mindful and compassionate awareness to everyday life, making it feel extraordinary.

Here are some of the highlights…

  • How do you heal a dog?
  • How suffering spiritually transformed Mahesh.
  • Looking further that you can see.
  • Do long beards have special powers?
  • How to grow a long beard.
  • How Mahesh attracted his wife.
  • Mahesh’s relationship with Extinction Rebellion.
  • A recent climate change protest and a choice to be arrested.
  • How the Met police respectfully managed Mahesh’s arrest.
  • Three top tips for helping with climate change:
    1. Move towards veganism or become fully vegan
    2. Minimise food waste
    3. Never buy a plastic bag
  • Why it’s the best time to be vegan.
  • The difference between the mind wanting food and the body needing food.
  • How to prevent biscuits getting caught in your beard!
  • Respecting yourself helps you be a nice person.
  • Visit Rogues and Gentlemen – the barber shop where Mahesh trims.
  • Visit Shiva Shakti and The Heart Space yoga studios where Mahesh teaches.

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4 Comments on “067 – Climate Change & Veganism – With Mahesh Hayward

  1. A very light hearted, informative and uplifting exchange wrapped in humour. It was very touching to hear about Mahesh’s journey and for me a welcome reminder that the beautiful person we see before us is often one who has experienced hardships and suffering before embracing and outwardly expressing the richness their Being. I found the tips on how to help with climate change surprising simple and easy to apply and they are very welcome. Thanks for sharing more pearls of wisdom that help to love and honour our beautiful planet.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful feedback Louise. I’ll pass that on to Mahesh. I’m glad that you enjoyed the podcast 🙂 Warm wishes, Darren

  2. Ahhh guys that was such a pleasure to listen to.
    Really helpful and inspiring.
    So nice to hear more of your story Mahesh.

    Darren I hope your transition to becoming vegan goes smoothly. Top tips for dealing with the sugar cravings are make some simple delicious vegan desserts to have at home. Then go share them with Mahesh 😉

    Much love

    • Thanks so much for the comments Alexi. I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast. Was a pleasure to record. And thanks for the vegan tips. I need to work more on sharing 😀🙏

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