068 – Song – Love Comes Through

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I set an intention to write an album of spiritual songs this year. The first song is called Listen and available for free download from this site and via the podcast. On the day of the last full moon, May 18th 2019, I spontaneously given birth to a new song. It’s called “Love Comes Through” and I’d love you to hear it.

You’ll find the lyrics below. The chorus is easy to remember and be warned, it’s one of those songs that may stay in your head – in a positive way – haha! The first version was recorded at 2am as the moon shone in through my front room window and lit up the sea. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.  Darren

The daylight comes
I find my way
My way back home
I’m meant to stay

The sounds of waves
Are in my mind
I’m helping you
All of the time…

Love comes through

The line’s drawn now
It’s in the sand
My life unfolds
Whilst in your hands…

To come and stay
When times are good
And work it out
From where we’re stood

Love comes through

Creating everything as though it’s real
Then leaving all you’ve made behind
The mystery that lies behind it all
It never really makes a sound

Love comes through

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One Comment on “068 – Song – Love Comes Through

  1. Bravo Darren – this is a healing song! Yes Love Comes Through YOU to all of us! We are indeed blessed to have the light of your Being in our lives. A most beautiful song and a lovely reminder that love really does come through all of us if we feel and Listen! Thank you for sharing and keep the songs coming – they touch a deep part of my soul that exists beyond time and space🙏😊

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