069 – Exploring Veganism – with Dominika Piasecka

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It’s a pleasure to have Dominika Piasecka from The Vegan Society on the podcast. Dominika is a passionate vegan and animal rights activist. Working as media and PR officer at The Vegan Society, she’s dedicated to bringing information about veganism to new audiences and inspiring people to improve their lifestyle to benefit animals, the planet and their own health. In this podcast you’ll experience Dominika’s passion and kindness towards animals.

Dominika and I explore the different aspects of veganism. Dominika shares some interesting stories and tips on how you can transition to becoming fully vegan. I highlight some of the challenges I’ve faced on this journey and receive some great help and guidance.

Here are the highlights from the discussion…

  • Learn about a sanctuary in Manchester where farmed animals are rescued and escape slaughter.
  • What is veganism and what does it mean to be a vegan?
  • Veganism is a lifestyle choice as well as a diet – avoiding anything that exploits animals.
  • It gets much easier to follow a vegan diet once you have your list of enjoyable, tried and tested vegan products.
  • Being vegan helps you become more mindful.
  • More and more people on the spiritual path are moving towards veganism.
  • A vegan diet is the most sustainable diet and will help to limit climate change.
  • There are huge health benefits associated with being vegan.
  • A “well planned” vegan diet is suitable for everyone. We can get all the nutrients we need from plants.
  • How to overcome challenges where you feel compelled to eat meat or dairy products.
  • Becoming vegan for most people is a journey and involves a lot of learning.
  • Useful app for locating Vegan friendly places – Happy Cow
  • It helps to consume plenty of protein in your vegan diet so that you can feel “full” with your vegan food.
  • It’s good to plan ahead and do your research if you’re visiting a new area and need to eat there.
  • People can find veganism too difficult because they expect to get there within a few days or weeks.
  • It took Dominika two years to become Vegan!
  • To become a Vegan you need to re-programme your mind. Your approach may need to be cultivated over a number of months or years.
  • To begin with, hang on to your non-vegan products e.g. leather shoes until they are worn out. And then the next purchase you make can be an ethical one.
  • If you want vegan cheese to taste good, it helps to melt it!
  • The Vegan Society help to promote veganism including campaigning politically and encouraging establishments to have vegan options, and work with farmers to migrate to plant-based farming.
  • Joining the Vegan Society helps to promote their work, you receive discounts and can vote at annual general meetings.
  • VeGuide app. Education, discounts, bite-sized, quizzes.
  • It can be helpful to connect with other vegans or people working towards veganism to motivate you and share knowledge.
  • You can connect with people on social media by typing the name of your town followed by “vegan” and finding local groups.
  • There are over one million vegans in the UK now.
  • Here’s the Challenge 22 Vegan Mentoring programme online. 
  • Everybody at an individual level can make a difference. Including voting with our money and not buying products that involve the exploitation of animals.

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  1. Very helpful and informative Podcast. Really good for answering questions and addressing any reservations about embracing veganism into our lives. It certainly brings awareness and insight that I hadn’t had before that going vegan is much more user friendly than I first thought.

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