071 – The Kind Fighter – An Interview with Clifford Starks

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Clifford Starks graduated in Kinesiology in 2005 and became a personal trainer. He was a professional fighter from 2009 to 2017. It’s always been more than just transforming the body, as Clifford appreciates that mind and spirit play a key part in an individual’s success.

Clifford has been been honored to be given the opportunity to work with many clients on their mind, body and spirit. Helping other’s live happier more fulfilled lives. 

I found Clifford to be an inspirational and kind man with a strong focus on his family and clients. It was a blessing to have had the opportunity to chat with him. Here’s what we discussed…

  • All change starts with the present moment.
  • What is kinesiology?
  • Does Darren Cockburn have a secret life as a ninja?
  • How does Clifford have such sparkly white teeth?
  • How big are Clifford’s biceps?
  • What was life like as a professional fighter in the US?
  • The importance of finding things to test and expand ourselves.
  • How did Clifford get into professional fighting?
  • Why did Clifford let go of his fighting career?
  • How Clifford dealt with the fame associated with being a fighter?
  • How does Clifford describe spirit?
  • How spirit can empower you through its transcendental nature.
  • Why it’s important for future generations to transcend us.
  • How Clifford was supported through his issues with abandonment.
  • How Darren’s son advised him wisely from a young age and helped him become more spiritual.
  • Why breathing, meditation, gratitude and understanding yourself is so important in cultivating our connection to spirit.
  • How does a regular meditation practice benefit us?
  • What are the two modes of the mind?
  • Why is mindfulness and concentration so important in fighting?
  • Are we built to multitask?
  • When Nate Diaz shared his apple with Clifford.
  • How does Clifford help is coaching clients “Do Only What Needs to be Done”?
  • How active listening and Presence helps people to determine what they need to do.

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