073 – Book Talk – Living a Life of Harmony – 7 Guidelines for Cultivating Peace & Kindness

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Learn the secrets to living a peaceful and harmonious life in this talk on my new book Living a Life of Harmony – 7 Guidelines for Cultivating Peace & Kindness. Including how the book came about and an overview of the 7 guidelines. 

  • Being Present, my first book was largely focused on mindfulness, being present and using that to access the spiritual realm.
  • The Two Modes of the mind – either being present or lost in thought.
  • We’re all part of a universal process that is infinite in every direction.
  • Reuters article – Being Present.
  • The Process contains hard wired guidelines or rules for human beings. When we follow them, we’re skilful and harmonious, when we disregard them, we’re unskilful and disharmonious.
  • Religions and philosophies have been offering ethical lists like these for hundreds of years.
  • People have different levels of connection to these ethical lists. People either…
    1. Don’t know about ethical lists
    2. Know about an ethical list, but cannot recall it
    3. Can recall an ethical list, but do not understand it
    4. Can understand an ethical list, but do not apply it in their everyday life
    5. Understand an ethical list and can apply it in the everyday life
  • The intelligence behind the process and its guidance for humans is timeless.
  • We have a changing time-based process with unchanging timeless rules of the game for humans behind it!
  • The guidelines were produced so that I had a practical framework that I could follow and that I could use to teach others.
  • The mind becomes more peaceful when the guidelines and followed and stressful when they are not followed.
  • Here are the guidelines:
    1. Honor the body (+)
         – Harm the body (-)
    2. Be present, bringing awareness and acceptance into every moment (+)
         – Be lost in thought (-)
    3. Act with kindness, considering everyone and everything (+)
         – Be intentionally harmful or single-minded in your actions (-)
    4. Understand the truth, communicating it selectively and skilfully (+)
         – Communicate falsely, excessively or unskilfully (-)
    5. Do only what needs to be done (+)
         – Do what’s unnecessary (-)
    6. Harmoniously obtain and retain only what you need (+)
         – Obtain or retain more than you need (-)
    7. Apply The Guidelines to your digital device usage (+)
         – Disregard The Guidelines in your digital device usage (-)
  • Everybody will benefit from the guidelines in different ways. Some of the benefits I’ve enjoyed are…
    • Less materialistic – happier with less
    • More space and less to do
    • Peaceful mind
    • More confident decisions
    • More spiritual connectivity
    • Digital skilfulness
  • Can you imagine if everybody (including the world’s political leaders) followed these guidelines?
  • Link to book Living a Life of Harmony – 7 Guidelines for Cultivating Peace & Kindness.

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