088 – Living a Life of Harmony – Book Interview with Marianne Pestana

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Here’s a recent interview I had with the lovely Marianne Pestana on her radio show – Moments with Marianne. We discussed spiritual teachings from my new book Living a Life of Harmony including….

  • Why was it necessary to create a list of ethical guidelines?
  • What are the 7 Guidelines?
  • What is the link between mindfulness and ethics?
  • What are the challenges with understanding lists from religions and philosophies?
  • What is honouring the body and why is this so important spiritually?
  • How does the body provide us with feedback on our ethics?
  • How does mindfulness allow us to connect with spirit?
  • What is The Process? What does it like and dislike?
  • How do The 7 Guidelines differ from other religions and philosophies?
  • Why is the guideline on conscious digital usage so important?
  • What are the four realms – Physical, digital, dream and spiritual?
  • Why is dreaming the perfect reality show?
  • Why are our ethics in dreaming so important?
  • What are the Two Modes of The Mind?

Living a Life of Harmony – 7 Guidelines for Cultivating Peace & Kindness” is now available in audiobook format from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Audible and many other audiobook providers. Listen to the introductory chapter and learn about how the guidelines can help you.


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