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Are you interested in simplifying your life? Making life easier by having less stuff? And doing what you’re passionate about rather than what you “should” be doing? If so, then this podcast will be of great help. It’s my pleasure to introduce coach and friend Eleanor Deane to Mindfulness Online Training.

Eleanor is a lifestyle coach based in Bournemouth, UK. She works with people to create the time they need to achieve their dreams and visions. Covering a range of areas including simplicity and minimalism. Over the last few years, Eleanor has stepped off the “conveyor belt” and is now pursuing her own dreams and passions that align with her sense of purpose.

In this podcast we answered the questions….

  • How does simplification relate to happiness and mindfulness?
  • How did Eleanor simplify and transform her life through simplification and following her own passions and purpose?
  • How can repressing or suppressing what we want compromise our physical and mental health?
  • Why is it important to make sure that we acquire what we need as well as letting go of what we don’t?
  • What are the myths of minimalism?
  • How can we acquire consciously rather than from our ego?
  • What are the different aspects of simplification?
  • How can we simplify our digital interactions?
  • How can we check to see whether we “want” to use or “need” to use our digital devices?
  • How can accountability help us to install a regular meditation practice?
  • How might coaching help us simplify our life?

Eleanor offers a free 90-minute coaching consultation. Visit her site http://www.creatingtimecoaching.com for details.

Podcast by Darren Cockburn – Founder of Mindfulness Online Training

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