091 – Mindful Sex – with Diana Richardson

Mindful Sex

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Mindful Sex
Mindful Sex
Mindful Sex

Are you interested in mindful sex? Integrating mindfulness into your sex life? Either sex with a partner or sex with yourself? If so, this podcast on mindful sex is for you! I was so pleased when Diana Richardson agreed to be on the podcast. Diana is an internationally leading teacher on tantra and mindful sex. You’ll soon realise through listening that she’s an intelligent and kind woman, who knows her subject. 

Diana was born in KwaZulu, South Africa and obtained a degree in Law from University of Natal. She then focused on the body, practicing and teaching holistic massage and structural body work for more than 20 years. In 1979 she became a disciple of the Indian mystic Osho.

Her interest in meditation, touch and healing initiated an exploration into Tantra, the union of sex and meditation. In 1993 she presented her unique synthesis of Tantra at the Osho Tantra-Academy in Poona. Since that time she leads Making Love-Retreats for couples, together with her partner Raja. Diana’s direct and practical interpretation of tantra has already inspired many couples in the art of loving.

Diana is the author of eight fantastic books including Tantric Sex for Men, The Heart of Tantric Sex and Tantric Orgasm for Women.

Here are the questions we discussed on the podcast…

  • What life events resulted in Diana beginning this sexual and spiritual path?
  • What is tantra and how does that relate to mindful sex?
  • Do couples need external help to integrate tantra into their sex lives? Or is this something they can do naturally or through self-help?
  • How can sex be used to help us become more mindful – to be more aware and accepting in the present moment?
  • Why is how you feel after sex a gauge for how nourishing the sex was?
  • How does competitiveness and projection relate to sexuality?
  • How does what we do in our sex life relate to other areas of our life?
  • Why do people crave for orgasms (either having them or triggering them)?
  • How can we overcome a craving for orgasm?
  • Some people claim that they “lose themselves” in the act of sex. Intoxicating themselves in a similar way that they would with drugs or alcohol. What are Diana’s views on this?
  • Is tantra only applicable to sex within couples or can it be integrated into sex with ourselves during masturbation?
  • How can we integrate spirituality into mindful sex?
  • What products and services does Diana offer to help couples cultivate their love making?

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