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Would you like to transform your life situation consciously and mindfully? There’s an interesting link between transformation and mindfulness practice. I place a big emphasis on personal ethics and setting up the right life conditions and mindset as being a central part of mindfulness practice. For certain people at certain times, they follow a steady and organic process. But at other times, for some people, there’s the energy and will to quickly transform and create more positive life conditions and a mindset that lends itself to more awareness, acceptance and peace.

In this podcast Jane Scanlan discusses her own experiences and best practice for personal transformation.

With a daring Irish father who came to London to seek his fortune armed with a suitcase and a dream, along with an academic mother who loved to read and learn, Jane was always destined to be curious, adventurous and carve her own career path.

After a decade in corporate IT roles, Jane retrained as a holistic therapist, homeopath, massage therapist and healer alongside her full time employment. She moved into the health sector and worked for the London Ambulance Service for over a decade whilst her training continued.

She started her first holistic therapy business, Cherish7Sanctuary in 2010 helping clients gain freedom from pain. Since 2014, Jane has coached people through her Cherish Transform and Upgrade Your Life Coaching Programmes.

In 2016, Jane successfully let go of an alcohol addiction with the help of specialist Alan Carr’s Easyway to Stop Drinking and some complementary natural methods. With this Jane emerged finally feeling confident, full of love and ready to help others across all walks of life through her own Coaching Programmes and Online Courses.

In 2018 Jane launched her Cherish, Transform & Upgrade Online Courses, which are a go to mindset improvement portal for anyone looking to overcome stress, procrastination, overwhelm and other progressive challenges.

Here are the questions we discussed on the podcast…

  • What methods can be used to think creatively and ambitiously about a positive future?
  • Is personal transformation a one-off exercise or is it continuous?
  • How do addictions compromise mindfulness?
  • How did Jane overcome her alcohol addiction?
  • When should we use external support to help overcome addiction?
  • How can you manage temptations?
  • Why is it important to identify and let go of any negative constraints or complaints about your life situation before defining the positives?
  • Can a structured personal transformation programme be applied to mindfulness or spiritual practice?
  • What are the steps Jane recommends to help people transform?
  • Where does “daydreaming” feature in mindfulness practice?
  • How can you manage emotional pain through a personal transformation?
  • How does mindfulness and awareness relate to healing?

Jane’s 7 Steps to Transformation

  1. Be willing to change
  2. The art of knowing
  3. Learning to let go
  4. Dare to dream
  5. Love you journal
  6. Be happy and grateful
  7. Be the change

Useful Links

  • Here’s a link to Allen Carr’s web site.
  • Sign-up to Jane’s trial coaching membership here.
  • Visit Jane’s personal transformation web site.

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