098 – Awaken & Connect – 3 Minute Meditation

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Be kind to yourself and others by inviting your mind to ‘awaken and connect’. A quick and easy meditation practice which may be repeated several times each day – enabling you to become mindful and connected with spirit. Regaining your natural state of peacefulness, equanimity and connection.

Would you like to ‘be’ at your best and connected with who you truly are more of the time? If so, two things need to be active. The first is mindfulness, the practice of being aware and accepting of your experience. Mindfulness may be cultivated through meditation. The second is connectivity to spirit, which may be cultivated through prayer.

Throughout the day we often find ourselves lost in thought – the opposite to mindfulness. This temporarily blocks our connection to our direct experience and spirit. When we take time out regularly during the day for a few minutes, it helps us return to the present moment and the essence of who we are. Regaining our natural state of peacefulness, equanimity and connection.

This five minute meditation combines these practices enabling us to ‘awaken and connect’. It begins with a simple awareness meditation, followed by prayers of gratitude, forgiveness and positive manifestation. 

‘Awaken and connect’ meditation has been designed for practice several times each day. That said, using it only once each day will make a big difference. ‘Awaken and connect’ may be practiced in a traditional meditation posture or more informally in our everyday environments like when we’re sat on a train or sitting on a bench in the park.

Meditation transcript

Gently close your eyes and begin by bringing awareness to your breath allowing it to flow naturally. Notice how parts of your body rise and fall as you breath. And listen to the sound of your breath. When you’re aware of your breath in this way, you’re mindful. Continue on your own for a few seconds.

Now consider the earth and how everything’s connected together. The land, the sea, clouds, billions of people, animals, insects and all of nature. Contemplate how the sun is providing just enough heat and light to sustain the earth and realise quite how vast and incredible all of this is. 

Take a moment to bring to mind something you’re grateful for. It may be a relationship, something you own, some good news, or anything positive you’ve experienced. And say a few words in your mind to express your gratitude.

Now bring to mind some of your own thoughts, communication or physical action that you believe was unskilful. Turn away from that unskillfulness and offer yourself forgiveness. Say a few words in your mind to request forgiveness from spirit or the universe. Allow yourself to be forgiven.

Think of something that’s needed and positive which you’d like to experience, acquire or achieve. Make a wish or pray for that positive outcome.

Finally, return to the breath again for a few moments. If you wish, make a pledge to be kind to yourself and others by repeating this ‘awaken and connect’ meditation on a regular basis.

Article & Podcast by Darren Cockburn

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