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In this article we connect with some wonderful teachings from Mindfulness Online Training Featured Teacher – Vidyamala Burch. Vidyamala lives with a chronic back condition due to spinal injuries and partial paraplegia. Thanks to mindfulness and kindness, it’s amazing that she now has a full, happy and meaningful life.

Vidyamala’s helped to transform the lives of thousands through creating the Breathworks organisation (to help people living with pain, illness and stress to re-claim their lives) and three acclaimed books which are Mindfulness for Health, Mindfulness for Women and Living Well with Pain and Illness.

Here are five hand-picked mindfulness teaching resources from Vidyamala that are presented in her kind and gentle style…

  • What is Mindfulness? – Succinct three minute video that describes what mindfulness is and how it can be used to help manage physical and emotional challenges.
  • Women Worriers  – Using Mindfulness to Declutter the Mind37-minute audio podcast with Elizabeth Cush. Vidyamala talks about her book Mindfulness for Women – Declutter your mind, simplify your life, find time to ‘be’. Including ways that you can incorporate more mindfulness into your daily life.
  • Mindful Living show‘Be-friend your Mind, Be-friend your Life’ video talk given in London. A 30-minute keynote speech defining mindfulness and explaining how it can help with physical and mental health conditions. And some great insights into human tendencies and challenges. Includes how we can rewire our brains to become calmer and more stable.
  • The Worldly Winds of Pain & PleasureAn interview-based video discussing buddhist teachings. Describes how an unwise person compromises their experience by adding to their pain and craving for pleasure. And the mindful response which is to insert space, creativity and choice to help deal with pain and pleasure wisely.
  • Mindfulness MeditationA five minute guided video mindfulness meditation to help you develop calmness and peace of mind.

Access more teaching resources from Vidyamala on the subject of living well with pain and illness.

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