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In this article we connect with some wonderful teachings from Mindfulness Online Training Featured Teacher – Vidyamala Burch. Vidyamala lives with a chronic back condition due to spinal injuries and partial paraplegia. Thanks to mindfulness and kindness, it’s amazing that she now has a full, happy and meaningful life.

Vidyamala’s helped to transform the lives of thousands through creating the Breathworks organisation (to help people living with pain, illness and stress to re-claim their lives) and three acclaimed books which are Mindfulness for Health, Mindfulness for Women and Living Well with Pain and Illness.

Here are five hand-picked mindfulness teachings from Vidyamala that are focused on living well with pain and illness…

  • Vidyamala’s Life StoryAudio describing Vidyamala’s incredible journey including the 4 stages of dealing with pain: Denial, Bargaining, Acceptance, Flourishing.
  • Mindfulness for Pain ReductionVideo for the Conscious Intuitive Living channel. Learn how Vidyamala cultivates peace and happiness even with a sustained a life long chronic spinal injury. 
  • Foundations of Wellbeing with Rick HansonVideo and audio interview discussing key elements of using mindfulness and compassion to deal with difficulty. How to use mindfulness to manage pain and flourish.
  • BBC Ouch – Interview article for the BBC disability channel about managing pain with the power of the mind. 
  • Untangle Podcast – In this audio podcast, Vidyamala reveals how she lives a happy and meaningful life despite her chronic pain. Includes tips on how to bring mindfulness and kindness, which go together hand in hand, to all of our experiences regardless of whether they are pleasant or unpleasant.

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