102 – Forgive Yourself – Forgiveness Meditation

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Forgive Yourself – Forgiveness Meditation
Forgiveness Meditation
Forgiveness Meditation

Do you know the practice of forgiveness has a huge impact on our ability to stay mindful? Most of us will relate to finding ourselves lost in thought and feeling unpleasant due to resentment or hatred towards ourselves or other people. And we may be able to recall times when we’ve forgiven somebody or ourselves, and experienced a sense of peace and increased awareness.

This podcast contains a 5-minute guided forgiveness meditation that enables you to forgive yourself and regain your inner peace. Access the earlier podcast “Forgive & Be Mindful” if you’d like to understand more about the process of forgiveness how it interacts with mindfulness and how we can be more forgiving.

Please visit this page for a version of the guided meditation audio without the intro. Or listen through the Insight Timer teacher profile for free on your mobile device.

Forgive Yourself – Forgiveness Meditation Transcript

Settle into a meditation posture and gently close your eyes
Bring awareness to your breath for a while and notice how your abdomen is rising and falling
Relax and always be kind to yourself
Now bring to mind a time when you was unskilful – something you’d like to be forgiven for
Recall what you could see and hear at the time, what may have been communicated, or what action was taken
And notice how you feel
Take a few moments to consider whether any action is required on your behalf to correct any wrongdoings. It may be that you need to apologise or put things right in some way. Or maybe, as is sometimes the case, it’s actually skilful and wise not to take any action
Establish a connection with spirit – sense the peace and stillness that lies behind your thoughts and feelings
Know the presence that you came from and that you’re a part of
And connect with your higher self or your true essence
Now use that connection to forgive yourself
Allow yourself to be cleansed and free from tension and stress associated with the incident
Although you’ll still be able to recall the memories in the future, you can be at peace, knowing that you’ve received true forgiveness
Even if others haven’t forgiven you, you can respond wisely and kindly towards them and yourself knowing that you’ve been forgiven spiritually, which is the ultimate and primary form of forgiveness
Letting any thoughts or feelings now pass, return to your breath
Invite your breath to settle and notice how your abdomen is rising and falling
With a new sense of peace and kindness, gently open your eyes

You can repeat this forgiveness meditation a number of times if required. And use it for any form of forgiveness you need in the future.

May you be forgiven, may you be well, may you be happy, may you be at peace

If you’re a teacher, you’re welcome to use this meditation transcript or audio in your own classes or publications providing you mention the author Darren Cockburn and this web site mindfulnessonlinetraining.org

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