105 – How To Pray

How to Pray

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How to Pray
Forgiving Others
Forgiving Others
Mindfulness Online Training
Mindfulness Online Training
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Have you ever explored the practice of prayer and contemplated how it integrates with mindfulness? In this video and podcast I interview Tom Davenport, community worker and preacher from Lansdowne Church in Bournemouth, UK. Tom offers a Christian view on how to pray using Jesus’ teachings on The Lords Prayer as a base. At various points during the interview I link the Christian teachings to mindfulness practice and other spiritual teachings you’ll find on this site.

Note that whilst this podcast is Christian focused, Mindfulness Online Training respects and welcomes all religions and philosophies in the interest of connecting people to their true essence and raising our level of consciousness.

Here are some of the questions we answer… 

  • What is the definition of prayer?
  • How can prayer be used to relate with God?
  • Is it necessary to follow Christ to make prayer powerful and personal?
  • What happens when we try to use God as a vending machine?
  • How does the Lord’s Prayer help us honour God, respecting who he is and who we are in relation to him?
  • How can we use prayer to humble ourselves?
  • In what ways does prayer reduce our ego and enhance mindfulness?
  • How can we give our life and existence perspective?
  • Does prayer lead to more service?
  • How can we use the Lord’s Prayer practically?
  • What does the Lord’s Prayer mean when it references our “daily bread”?
  • How can we align our needs with God’s needs?
  • Does God have different ways of answering prayers?
  • Can prayer enable forgiveness?
  • What’s the different between physical forgiveness and spiritual forgiveness?
  • Do Christians believe they are all sinners?
  • Is there a link between the Holy Spirit, mindfulness and skilfulness?
  • How does receiving God’s forgiveness enable us to forgive others?
  • What’s the link between mindfulness and forgiveness?
  • How can you channel spiritual energy into the physical realm?
  • In what way does prayer help us avoid temptation and unskillfulness?
  • Why are we tempted to be unskilful?
  • What are the different stages or parts to The Lord’s Prayer?
  • What do Christian teachings mean when they tell us that if we seek we will find? Or ask and it will be given?
  • Can our requests within prayers get answered with bonuses or extras that God adds because he knows what we need (in the same way a father may know what his child needs)?

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