115 – Body Scan Meditation for Pleasure

Body Scan Meditation for Pleasure

Mindfulness Online Training

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Body Scan Meditation
Body Scan Meditation
Body Scan Meditation
Mindfulness Online Training
Mindfulness Online Training
Body Scan Meditation

One of the wonderful things about mindfulness is that it enables you to bring more awareness to pleasant and pleasurable sensations within the body. This body scan meditation has been designed to guide you to focus in on those pleasant sensations and have an enjoyable time practising awareness.

In addition to the guided audio, you’ll find the full meditation transcript below. If you’re a teacher, you can use this providing you reference the source – Darren Cockburn from mindfulnessonlinetraining.org


Body Scan Meditation Transcript

In this body scan meditation we’ll be focusing on enjoying pleasant pleasurable feelings in the body whilst raising our mindfulness levels. Let’s begin…

This meditation can be practiced laying down, standing or sitting. As we do this meditation together, if you do find any unpleasant feelings or sensations, that’s OK. If it’s a short pain you may want to do something to address it. If it’s just uncomfortable then be aware of it and allow it to pass and allow your awareness to shift onto what’s pleasant and pleasurable.

So to begin with, bringing awareness to the feet. To the toes, the bottom of the feet and the top of the feet. Seeing if you can find any pleasurable feelings there. And if you can, to enjoy them.

Now shifting your awareness up to the calves and shins. And again, looking for any pleasant feelings. There may be some there, there may not, that’s OK. If you find any there, enjoy them.

And then bringing your awareness up a little to the knees.

And gently take your awareness to the top of the legs, to the thighs. And scanning for any enjoyable feelings here.

And now the hips. Bringing awareness to the hips. Being particularly aware of any pleasant enjoyable feelings in the hips.

And moving your awareness now around the back to the buttocks. Be aware of how the buttocks are feelings and looking for pleasurable sensations.

And now moving your awareness to the genitals. Noticing any pleasurable sensations there and if you find any, just staying with them.

Shifting awareness up to the tummy. Scanning the whole of the tummy with your awareness, looking for pleasurable sensations there.

And now the lower back. Are there any nice feelings anywhere in the lower back?

Now moving up, being aware of the top half of the back. See if you can feel that area with your awareness. In particular, any pleasurable sensations.

Now the chest – bringing awareness to the chest. Can you find any pleasurable sensations in the chest?

And now up to the shoulders. There may be a number of sensations in the shoulders. Focusing on any pleasurable sensations that you might find there.

And now the arms. The biceps and triceps. Bringing awareness to any pleasant feelings and sensations you’re experiencing there. 

And the same with the forearms.

And the hands and fingers. Can you feel any pleasant buzzing or a slight tingling in the hands and fingers that may be pleasurable? And if so, just keeping your awareness there and enjoying that.

Now moving back up the arms, over the shoulders and to the neck. Finding pleasurable feelings and sensations anywhere in the neck.

And now the face. So bringing awareness to the different parts of the face. The cheeks, nose, eyes, chin and again, identifying pleasurable sensations in the face.

And now moving up to the top of the head – to the crown of the head. And seeing you can find pleasurable sensations there.

And moving to the breath. Just allowing the breath to do it’s thing naturally without control. And noticing how pleasurable the breath is. Focusing your awareness on pleasurable sensations with the breath.

And broadening awareness to your whole body. The whole body. And being aware of multiple pleasurable sensations which you can feel all at the same time.

And now gently opening your eyes and finishing the meditation.

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2 Comments on “115 – Body Scan Meditation for Pleasure

  1. Mindfulness decreases our suffering, but it also greatly increases our sensitivity to pleasure. I think this is not said enough, so thank you for devoting a post on this.
    My preferred way to enhance pleasure through mindfulness is through looking at the beauty of nature and by giving in to my favourite guilty pleasure: eating chocolate 😀

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