120 – Mindfulness For Children with Katy Wise

Mindfulness For Children

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Mindfulness For Children

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Mindfulness Online Training
Mindfulness Online Training

It was great to learn about how mindfulness can be used to help children from inspirational teacher Katy Wise. I’m often asked about how parents can help their children become more mindful. I was delighted to have that question answered so confidently and passionately by somebody experienced in this area.

Katy founded Free Spirit Holistic Therapies in 2011. She offers a range of mindfulness classes and therapies locally around Bournemouth UK, which is on the South Coast of England.

Katy’s lived in Bournemouth all of her life. She completed an Undergraduate degree in Psychology and has been a qualified childcare practitioner for over 20 years. She’s been interested in holistic therapies and alternative remedies since being a child and is fascinated by the healing power and beauty of crystals.

Katy’s extremely passionate about her work and the ability we have to heal ourselves. Her vision is to introduce Yoga and Meditation to all Primary Schools in the U.K and she places a large focus on mindfulness and meditation across her holistic portfolio of therapeutic services.

This interview explores and answers the following questions about teaching children mindfulness…

  • How can parents teach their own children mindfulness?
  • What’s the funniest thing that can happen in a children’s mindfulness class?
  • How can the 5-4-3-2-1 mindfulness exercise be used to regain awareness?
  • Why is it helpful to combine teaching mindfulness to children and their parents together?
  • What are the similarities between teaching mindfulness to adults and children?
  • What can we do to practice mindful eating?
  • How do we measure the progress a child is making with their mindfulness levels?
  • How can we integrate kindness when teaching children mindfulness?
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