126a – Mindful Breathing Meditation

Mindful Breathing Meditation

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Mindful Breathing Meditation

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mindfulness online training
mindfulness online training
Mindfulness Online Training
mindful breathing
mindful breathing

This guided meditation trains us to be mindful of our breath. It’s one of the simplest and most challenging forms of meditation that has been practised for thousands of years. Like all mindfulness and concentration meditations, it trains us to stay aware and within the present moment – rather than lost in thought.

The single-pointed concentration element means this meditation often has a relaxing and calming effect on the mind, which makes it a good choice to lower stress levels and anxiety. It trains our mind to stay concentrated on one thing which helps us to complete our day-to-day activities more efficiently and with higher quality.

Personally, I find this meditation very enjoyable. It offers peace and a break from the stresses and strains of daily life. There are also three versions of this meditation available without the intro…

Here’s the meditation transcript. Teachers are welcome to use this on the basis that they reference the author (Darren Cockburn) and Mindfulness Online Training web site https://mindfulnessonlinetraining.org

  • Settle into a comfortable meditation posture where you can feel both relaxed and alert.
  • Gently guide your awareness to your breath.
  • Allow your breathing to happen all on it’s own using your body’s intelligence to guide it. Let go of trying to control the breath with your mind. 
  • As you do this you may find the breath naturally slows down and lengthens.
  • And whatever the breathing is doing now is exactly how it is now. Accept your breath and experience as it is in this moment. 
  • Now, guide your awareness to how your breathing is impacting your abdomen. Notice how the breath in your lungs expands your abdomen on the in breath and contracts your abdomen on the out breath. 
  • If you wish, gently place your hand on your abdomen and feel the movement. 
  • Listen to your breath. Listen carefully to the sound it’s making through your nose or mouth.
  • Remember, allow the body to take care of the breathing.
  • Explore the area where the air enters your body. Through your nostrils or mouth. Examine how it enters your body on the in breath and leaves your body on the out breath.
  • See if you can follow the air as it enters your body, goes downwards and expands your lungs. Then follow the air as it returns from your lungs and leaves your body.
  • Now examine the texture of the breath. Is it rough or smooth?
  • And the depth. Is it shallow or deep?
  • And finally, observe the breath any way you choose.
  • If you catch your mind wandering that’s good – it means you’ve regained awareness, gently guide your awareness back to the breath.
  • We will now meditate in silence for the next x minutes.
  • Regardless of how the meditation went for you it will be beneficial, and is a wonderful act of kindness to yourself.
  • Return to the mindful breathing meditation whenever you wish to cultivate mindfulness, peace and concentration.
  • In your own time, gently opening your eyes.
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