127b – Mindful Eating with Jenna Hollenstein – Part 2

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Mindful Eating

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mindfulness online training
mindfulness online training
Mindfulness Online Training
mindful eating
mindful eating

Would you like to bring more mindfulness into eating? If so, then listen to guidance from an expert. In this video, Darren Cockburn (founder of Mindfulness Online Training) interviews Jenna Hollenstein (mindful eating expert) including a mindful eating demonstration.

The podcast audio is split into two 30-minute parts. This is part 2. Access part 1 here. The YouTube video covers parts 1 and 2.

Here are some of the questions discussed…

  • What is mindful eating?
  • What is intuitive eating and how does it relate?
  • Why would we reject the diet mentality?
  • What are some of the most common challenges people face when trying to eat mindfully?
  • How can we trust our bodies to give us the guidance on what to eat and how does this provide freedom?
  • Can collecting data about your eating habits help with eating mindfully?
  • In what ways does mindful eating relate to weight and health management?
  • Is there a myth about losing weight increasing health? What usually happens when we follow “traditional dieting”?
  • Can you demonstrate mindful eating?
  • Are there reasons why we might disassociate from eating and become lost in thought?
  • How can we integrate self-compassion and gentleness into eating?
  • How can we find “sweet spots” to learn about what foods we find most enjoyable?
  • Are we born with a capacity to understand what foods we need?
  • How does satisfaction of food change with volume?
  • Why is it difficult to eat mindful when we’re starving?
  • What are some practical tips that people can apply today to eat mindfully?

Jenna is a non-diet dietitian who helps people struggling with chronic dieting, disordered eating, and eating disorders. She uses a combination of Intuitive Eating, mindfulness techniques, and meditation to help her clients move toward greater peace, health, and wellness. Jenna’s private practice is located in New York City where she consults with clients in person and digitally.

Jenna’s a member of the board of The Center for Mindful Eating. She teaches at mindfulness retreats in the United States and France. And also been featured in U.S. News & World. Jenna is the author of three books: Understanding Dietary Supplements, Drinking to Distraction. and Eat to Love: A Mindful Guide to Transforming Your Relationship with Food, Body, and Life.

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