128 – Discovering Yoga Nidra with Lynn Holloway

Yoga Nidra

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Yoga Nidra

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mindfulness online training
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yoga nidra
yoga nidra

This podcast provides an introduction to yoga nidra from experienced practitioner and teacher Lynn Holloway. In the interview we explore what it really is, discuss its many benefits, and explain how we can practise.

Lynn Holloway is one of the UK’s most established and experienced yoga teachers. Having reaped the benefits from a personal yoga and meditation practice over many years, Lynn now works for the British Wheel of Yoga training others to teach yoga, meditation and relaxation.

Known locally and respected for her kindness and passion to help her students flourish, Lynn also offers a range of complementary services including reiki and tuning fork therapy. The three foundations of Lynn’s personal practice and teaching are safety, kindness and fun!

Here are some of the questions discussed…

  • What is yoga nidra?
  • What are the benefits?
  • Where did it originate?
  • In what way does the practice allow us to manifest our wishes?
  • Do you need to be religious to practice?
  • How does it compare to a basic body scan?
  • What is prana energy and how does this impact our health?
  • How can we let go of our experiences and accept what is?
  • How does it relate to mindfulness practice?
  • How is a session structured and how do you practise?
  • How often should you practice?
  • Is it possible for the practice to change somebody’s personality?
  • Does it relate to hypnosis?

And here are some of the many benefits of yoga nidra:

  • Improves sleep
  • Pain relief
  • Help to manage addictions
  • Helps to cure psychosomatic illnesses
  • Roots out underlying causes of tension in the body
  • Helps with insomnia
  • Helps with digestion
  • Helps to overcome and change negative thoughts and emotions
  • Helps us to be more creative
  • Provides more mental clarity and focus
  • Helps with will power
  • Good for children with attention deficit disorder through a modified practice
  • Helpful for brain injuries
  • Helpful for cancer and other illnesses

Access Lynn’s teacher web site yogadorset.com.

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