133 – You Are Not Your Thoughts – with Frances Trussell

You Are Not Your Thoughts

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You Are Not Your Thoughts

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mindfulness online training
mindfulness online training
Mindfulness Online Training
you are not your thoughts
you are not your thoughts

It’s my pleasure to welcome Frances Trussell onto the podcast. Mindfulness transformed Frances’ experience of life and she’s passionate about making it accessible to all. Frances has taught mindfulness meditation to many hundreds of people in most settings imaginable. 

She’s appeared on ITV1’s Sugar Free Farm as Mindfulness Coach, is a regular speaker at events including the ‘Mindful Living Show’ and ‘Wellbeing on The Lakes’. And the author of a successful book – “you are not your thoughts”.

Frances loves to help people and has been so fortunate to work with such a diverse client base, from high profile stars, sports people, CEO’s, school children to retirees in their 90’s and everything in-between.

A Zen Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, trained to the highest level, a clinical hypnotherapist and a pioneer of MBRTT (Mindfulness Based Rapid Transformational Therapy).

Frances is also a Mum of two and a lifelong learner. Committed to ‘walking-the-talk’ attending an extensive programme of retreats and CPD training so that she continues to bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and practice to her clients and to her life. 

Connect with Frances through her site Mindfully Happy 🙂

Here are the questions we explored….

  • How did Frances discover mindfulness and meditation which lifted her out of depression and anxiety?
  • What does it mean to go on retreat and how can this benefit us? Why is this such an essential part of Frances’ practice?
  • How can people have a retreat without going on retreat? Is it possible to create your own retreat?
  • Why is solitude so important within our practice?
  • What’s inside the space between thoughts and how can we explore that?
  • How does somebody gain confidence and courage to explore the space between thoughts if they’re afraid of it?
  • How can you observe your thoughts?
  • How can you quieten your thoughts?
  • What has been Frances’ biggest mindfulness challenge so far this year?
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