134 – All Us Men with Mahesh Hayward

All Us Men with Mahesh Hayward

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All Us Men with Mahesh Hayward

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mindfulness online training
mindfulness online training
Mindfulness Online Training
All Us Men with Mahesh Hayward
All Us Men with Mahesh Hayward

I’m happy to welcome Mahesh Hayward back onto the podcast. In this interview, one of my personal favourites, he delivers a wealth of spiritual pointers and extracts from his life story. Much of the discussion centres around how Mahesh is successfully enabling spiritual friendship and support through his growing community organisation – All Us Men.

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Here are a few of the questions we explored….

  • What’s ‘All Us Men’ and how did it come about?
  • Why do men need a safe space to communicate openly and authentically?
  • How is All Us Men structured and is it religious?
  • How will Mahesh need to evolve and grow as the organisation grows?
  • Why is it important to stop and ‘check-in’ between activities?
  • What’s special about spiritual friendship?
  • How can we communicate in a way that transcends the senses?
  • Why are spiritual retreats so important?
  • What are the different practices Mahesh uses for his own personal development?
  • What can we learn from children?
  • When is it a good time to go for therapy and how does that link to spiritual practice?
  • What happens on a spiritual retreat?

Mahesh has been a spiritual seeker all his life, as far back as he can remember. Lying in bed as a small child he used to wonder where the stars stopped. And thinking about where we go when we die. 

Now in his mid 40’s and with an established Yoga practice, Mahesh enjoys transforming and enriching the life of others with his yoga teaching. His upbeat and humorous approach to life has lead him to work with CID, teachers, children and even animals. Bringing a mindful and compassionate awareness to everyday life, making it feel extraordinary. 

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