136 – Meditate and Manifest Guided Meditation

Meditate & Manifest Guided Meditation

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Meditate & Manifest Guided Meditation

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meditate and manifest
mindfulness online training
Mindfulness Online Training
meditate and manifest
meditate and manifest

A new daily meditation from Darren Cockburn – ‘Meditate and Manifest’. Designed to cultivate mindfulness and relaxation, and also offer you a manifestation practice.

Before starting the practice bring to mind something that you’d like to manifest. Something that’s really needed and positive. Within the practice we’ll be programming the mind and communicating spiritually to make a request.

Requests can take many forms and they can be made for yourself or others. They include external material things and also internal changes like better health and more happiness. Requests work best when they’re related to life’s essential needs.

Within the next few days I hope to have this practice available on the free Insight Timer App without the podcast intro. You can access a range of meditations, talks and interviews on there by searching for me “Darren Cockburn” and follow my teacher profile – or through this link.

This practice is not to be used whilst undertaking other activities. Especially driving or using machinery. So please find a safe and quiet space. The practice is design for daily use.

Meditation Transcript

This meditation transcript may be used by teachers in face-to-face classes providing they reference the author (Darren Cockburn) and recommend the Mindfulness Online Training web site and podcast.

Welcome to the Meditate & Manifest Insight Timer Daily Practice. Allow this guided meditation to calm your mind. And then manifest what’s really needed.

To begin with, ensure that you’re sitting or lying down in a comfortable position…

We’ll start with a period of meditation to settle your mind and cultivate mindfulness. And then, we’ll begin the manifesting practice…

Guide your awareness to your breath. Allow it to flow naturally.

Notice the tummy expanding on the in-breath and contracting on the out-breath.

If you wish, place hands onto your tummy and feel it rise and fall.

We’ll spend the next two minutes in complete silence as you continue to meditate. If your mind wanders, gently bring it back to the breath.

2 minutes silence

And now – let’s begin the manifestation practice…

Bring to mind something that’s needed and positive which you’d like to manifest for yourself or for others. Imagine what this might look, sound or feel like.

Now, open your mind, open your heart, and establish a connection with your higher-self, spirit or divine source.

Gently and confidently, in your own way, request what you’d like to manifest.

Repeat this request once again.

Now be open and listen carefully for a response. Is it good to manifest this? Is there anything you may need to do or let go of to help manifest this? Or is it a matter of waiting patiently for now, without taking action? Listen carefully for a response.

It’s fine if you don’t receive a response at this stage. It may come later in a future session.

Now return to the breath. Noticing the tummy expanding on the in-breath and contracting on the out-breath.

You may repeat this meditation once or twice each day focusing on what’s really needed. This practice works best when combined with kindness to yourself and others.

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