144 – Through The Light – New Song

Through The Light – New Song

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Through The Light – New Song

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Through the Light
mindfulness online training
Mindfulness Online Training
Through the Light
Through the Light

I’m surprised to release the final track from my new album of spiritual songs – “Through the Light”. It was birthed spontaneously and unexpectedly over the last couple of days – just in time for Easter!

A gentle and melodic song that reveals and encourages our request to be healed. Exploring how we may listen to our higher self or divine source which guides us towards harmony. And helping us to discover who we are in our essence.


Heal me
Heal me

Anytime you talk
Anytime you cry
I listen my friend
Hear your voice again

Sometimes its clear
What we’re meant to do
Listening to them
Whilst we hear you

It was a tough day
And then a song came through
That’s how it goes sometimes
That’s when it comes to you

A deep connection here
I feel it inside
Although I’m not sure where
Passing through the light

Heal me
I know who I am
And who I’m not
Heal me
Because in the end
That’s all you’ve got

You were close to me
And then we said goodbye
We’ll meet again I’m sure
Passing through the light
Going to the light

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