146B – Daily Mindful Prayer – Practice only

Daily Mindful Prayer

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Daily Mindful Prayer

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Daily Mindful Prayer
mindfulness online training
Mindfulness Online Training
Daily Mindful Prayer
Daily Mindful Prayer

This is a gently guided practice with periods of silence. Synthesising mindfulness and a range of different prayers from Christian teachings.

It includes breath awareness, requesting things for yourself and others, forgiveness, gratitude, and adoration. Finally, I invite you to rest in God’s presence. Resulting in a full daily practice.

Note that if you’re not a Christian but you do believe in a higher power this practice will prove to be beneficial.

Daily Mindful Prayer Practice Transcript
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  • Find a comfortable meditation posture where you can be both relaxed and alert. And gently close your eyes.
  • Let’s begin by establishing mindful awareness and concentrating on the breath.
  • Allows yourself to breath naturally and notice how your shoulders gently rise and fall as you’re breathing.
  • And notice your tummy and chest, expanding on the in breath and contracting on the out breath.
  • The recording will now go into complete silence for 2 minutes to give you time to meditate on the breath.
  • We’ll now transition into the prayer section of the practice. There will be brief periods of silence after each piece of guidance to give you time to pray.
  • Firstly, pray for anything that you need, which is required to live a good live. For example, it could be good health, financial wealth, something you need to acquire or let go of, it may be a particular outcome associated with a relationship or situation. It could be healing, wisdom or courage. Or an answer to a question. Your request may be general or specific.
  • Now do the same for somebody else. Pray for another person or even a group of people who you know need something.
  • Thank God for your blessings. Anything you’re grateful for. Regardless of your situation there are always things to be grateful for every-day.
  • Bring to mind some of your own thoughts, communication or physical action that you believe was unskilful. Turn away from that unskillfulness and pray for forgiveness. Allow yourself to be forgiven.
  • Finally, contemplate a wonderful creation. It could be the world, a person, nature or even a simple object. Recognise who’s created this. And that he has the power to create, maintain or destroy anything. Recognise God’s awesome power and greatness, which we’re all dependent upon.
  • Become conscious of God’s Presence. For the next two minutes, let go of being aware of yourself. Allow your awareness to rest with God. He’s there – with you. He loves you. Be with Him. Enjoy His Presence.
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