147 – Breathe Like a Badass! with Hannah Jane Thompson

Breathe Like a Badass! with Hannah Jane Thompson

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Breathe Like a Badass! with Hannah Jane Thompson

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Breath Like a Badass
mindfulness online training
Mindfulness Online Training
Breath Like a Badass
Breath Like a Badass

An inspiring and positive interview with Hannah Jane Thompson (Insta @breathelikeabadass). A trained meditation coach, who helps ambitious-yet-anxious women and solopreneurs to find the mental calm and clarity they need to get rid of distraction and quieten down their negative inner critic, so they focus and do the work they love.

Hannah uses personalised meditation techniques and tracks to help Millennial (ish!) women all over the world beat stress and anxiety; feel confident at work, in their personal life and in their own body; getting a super-clear direction of what they want, and how to achieve it!

She’s been featured in publications including The Guardian, Welldoing.org, Thrive Global, The Huffington Post, and Planet Mindful magazine; and is a regular speaker at online summits and ‘real-life’ events including The Mindful Living Show in London.

Hannah also practices daily yoga, adores sunny countries and gin, eats too much chocolate 🍫and olive oil, speaks French and Spanish, loves the colour fuschia, gets excited around small terrier dogs 🐶, and lives in south west London, UK with her partner Oli.

Here are some of the questions that we answered in the interview…

  • How has the pandemic lockdown impacted our anxiety levels and emotions?
  • Why is kindness and self-compassion so important when we’re practising mindfulness?
  • What kind of challenges do ambitious women face who have quit their day job and started a business?
  • How can meditation help you as a tool within your emotional toolbox?
  • How can you be your own best cheerleader?
  • What is loving awareness?
  • What does it mean to breathe like a badass? How can you be a badass?
  • How can you link together mindfulness and success?
  • Do we identify with our work or productivity to the point where it defines us and causes health issues?
  • Is it possible to be highly productive without burnout?
  • When and how are we good enough?
  • Who are we in our essence?
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