148 – NLP & Mindfulness – with Keziah Gibbons & Darren Cockburn

NLP & Mindfulness

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NLP & Mindfulness

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Discover what NLP really is and how it relates to Mindfulness with experts Keziah Gibbons & Darren Cockburn. Learn how to bring awareness and control to both the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind to achieve excellence.

I’d like to welcome my good friend Keziah Gibbons back on to the podcast. Keziah is a meditation teacher on Insight Timer, where she’s received over 175k plays. Also a Reiki Master, NLP Trainer, Tarot Professional and delivers Psychologically Informed Environments training in organisations working with vulnerable people. Keziah’s specialisms are in mindfulness, energy medicine and the unconscious mind.

Sign-up to Keziah’s 20-week NLP programme. Next programme starting during May. 

Here are some of the questions we discussed:

  • What exactly is NLP?
  • How can we change our language to change the deep structure of our mind?
  • Can we create more choice through reprogramming the patterns in our mind?
  • What is the difference between mindfulness and NLP?
  • Is it possible to achieve excellence through modelling ourselves on other people?
  • Can NLP and mindfulness integrate and complement each other?
  • Can NLP be used to release our attachments that are causing us suffering?
  • What is an example of a popular NLP technique?
  • How can people get started with NLP or cultivate their NLP practice?
  • How can we use mindfulness to gain insight into our subconscious mind?
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