Living a Life of Harmony – Seven Guidelines for Cultivating Peace & Kindness


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7 simple yet powerful guidelines provide a compass for navigating life harmoniously, cultivating a peaceful mind, and spreading kindness

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  • Offers 7 guidelines for living a life of harmony and peace based on existing guidance from Buddhism, Yoga, and other great teachings, integrated and updated for the modern world.
  • Explains how to implement the guidelines in daily life on a practical basis, supported by real-life examples and practices.
  • Illustrates in-depth how and why each of these guidelines hold value, and how they provide a set of tools to help us deal with life’s ups and downs more skillfully, mindfully, and compassionately.

In our very busy world it’s easy to get lost in the details and demands of everyday living. Fatigued and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information, the myriad of choices our technologically advanced communication era offers, we lose sight of what life is all about. How do we find balance and harmony in this overloaded world? And how do we navigate life in tune with our soul as well as with modern society?

We are all part of one big universal process that encompasses and connects everything – every thought, emotion, action, nature, all there is. Over the centuries, religions and philosophies have provided direction on how to act ethically and in accordance with this process, yet in our modern world, these “rules” may seem outdated or too rigid.

Integrating and updating existing guidance from Buddhism, Yoga, and other great teachings, I offer 7 guidelines for living a life of harmony and balance:

  1. Honor the body
  2. Bring awareness and acceptance into every moment
  3. Act with kindness
  4. Understand the truth and communicate it skillfully
  5. Do only what needs to be done, harmoniously obtain
  6. Retain only what you need
  7. Apply the guidelines to your digital device usage

I illustrate how and why each of these guidelines hold value, revealing their interconnections, and explains how to implement them practically in daily life, sharing real-life examples as well as practices to support each guideline and deepen your existing spiritual practice.

Living a Life of Harmony explores how the 7 easy-to-practice guidelines help us gain a deeper understanding of the universal process of life, as well as provide a set of tools to help us deal with life’s ups and downs more skillfully. They enable us to face life empowered and confident, peacefully observe and accept what life presents us with, cultivate compassion and kindness, as well as spread mindfulness to those around us. Practiced together, these guidelines provide a simple yet powerful compass to guide you to a peaceful mind and harmonious living, much needed in today’s world.

< Read an excerpt from the book >

“Living A Life Of Harmony by Darren Cockburn can help us all do just that. It is simple to follow, very down to earth and practical, with many suggestions that can help us bring our life more in line with our spiritual values. Darren is very influenced by the teachings of the Buddha, yoga and, from modern times, Eckhart Tolle, but you don’t have to be acquainted with any of these to understand and apply his ideas. This book is absolutely for and of its time, bringing perennial principles to life for the twenty first century.”

Sarah Ryan, Yoga Teacher & Therapist

“This is a handbook for everyday living! The Author explains how life is one big universal process which he calls “The Process” and everything is connected. Although the book is aligned with advice from respected religions and philosophies, it demonstrates them with a unique and modern-day approach. There are 7 guidelines revealed in this book that guide us through The Process and really are the golden rules for everyday life. Darren leaves no stone unturned as every aspect of our physical, emotional and spiritual experience is addressed.

The book is organised in a way that is carefully considered with each part connecting in a natural, logical progression, which enables the information to be easily absorbed. I felt impressed to take my time reading it, to savour every word so that its content was carefully considered and understood.

Each guideline also includes a section showing its connection with the other Guidelines and how they all relate to each other. There are “Points for Reflection” at the end of each chapter – a great way of checking that the information has been assimilated and any points that draw a blank can easily be referred back to before moving on to the next chapter.

Frequent examples are given to demonstrate how to put The Guidelines into practice which allows us to more easily embrace them and there are frequent tips in the book which further enhance the practices. The structure of this book is perfect as a study aid that, I believe, is an invaluable handbook for everyday life that anyone can benefit from and would be a great asset for the school educational system to enhance the life skills of our future generations.

This book lends itself to frequent revisits, as each time, a new insight and perspective can be gained and I will be dipping into each chapter to fine tune my practice. As the author states – it is a lifelong process.

The final chapter “Structuring Your Practice” is a very reassuring way to leave the reader with a complete strategy for applying The Guidelines in a way that is not overwhelming and that can be done gradually, step by step. This brings all the information of the book together into practical application – I liken this to a teacher imparting their knowledge and then ensuring that their student has a solid structure upon how to apply it.

While reading the book, I felt as if I was being gently and lovingly walked through each part of the process, step by step, at my own pace. I found myself applying The Guidelines without purposefully intending to do so! In observing The Guidelines, I felt empowered and much more confident in the choices I was making, as I had a structured way of assessing each choice so that it would have a positive effect, not only on myself, but on those around me. The smallest everyday tasks took on more meaning, as I was aware of The Guidelines playing out in my awareness beforehand. This naturally dovetailed into the next task, creating a generalising overall effect of instilling a sense of strength and confidence while transforming a niggling feeling of underlying doubt that had hitherto been running in the background of my psyche.

I found the book very potent and powerful and while reading it, I could feel the energy coming through from it and transforming me. While reading it, I felt much more aligned with The Guidelines and will be re-reading it again. Even though it is still early days for me, reading this book has transformed how I approach my everyday life and I highly recommend it.”

Louise French, Healer

“Darren has written on a series of guidelines which will align you with the harmonious process we call Life. Based partly on historic guides from various spiritual traditions and partly on his own insights, his book guides you on why we do the right things and the benefits to be gained. His second book, Living A Life Of Harmony is welcome for anyone wanting to develop spiritual practice or just as an alternative to seeing life and self as random and chaotic events.”

Dennis Wareing, Substance Misuse Worker

“Cockburn has written a down to earth book about living a happier life. He clearly spells out what steps one should consider when they are looking to make positive changes as they embark on their path of personal growth. The 7 easy to practice guidelines are simple to implement yielding a huge dividend. If you are looking to change your life to the positive and do not know how this book is for you. Drawing on his background of extensive study, Darren has created a palatable process for anyone no matter what religion or spiritual practice. I highly recommend this body of work.”

Monique Chapman, Intuitive Consultant & Metaphysician

“This is a great book…the peace you have after reading this will help you so much…it has helped me in my path to happiness and finding who I am as a person…thanks Darren much love”

“I’ve been reading this book it’s been great. I’ve found it very helpful, easy to understand and the advice is realistic/ achievable”

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